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No-kill, lab-grown meat to go on sale for first time


 Singapore’s chain restaurant Eat Just is selling ‘chicken bites’  where the chicken has been grown in a laboratory. This is being hailed as landmark move in an industry that is trying to meet the demand of meat / chicken, in an ethical and environmentally friendly way.

Cultured meat will soon be offered in restaurants

The farming and slaughter of animals, plus the use of chemicals, has been under the spotlight for decades, none more so than the last few years where the pain and trauma that animals go through, when slaughtered, has really been highlighted.

That, plus the chemicals that go into animals farmed for meat, has called for big changes in the meat industry.

Scientists in the food industry have been working on cultured chicken, beef and pork, what the aim of bringing cleaner meat to the market and meat where animals have not been killed for it.

The first laboratory manufactured meat that is going to the market is chicken, but it i thought that there are many firms who are looking at, or are already, manufacturing beef and pork.

At this point in time, approximately 130 million chickens are slaughtered every single day for human consumption. Approximately 4 million pigs are slaughtered daily. It is thought close to a 1 million cows are slaughtered per day.

These figures are inconceivable, not just for the inhumane treatment of the animals and the way they are slaughtered, but at how bad this is for the planet as a whole. Farming on this mass scale uses up precious resources that we do not have, including water.

Mass farming is bad for the land, bad for the soil, shocking for the amounts of water used, and bad for the environment as a whole. Given that most animal farming is done using chemicals, and is not organic, there are further dangers, to the planet, to humans, and to animals themselves.

The cultivated meat has been approved for sale by the regulatory authorities and the Singapore Food Agency. There are dozens of firms wanting to do the same, with the idea of saving animals and the planet.

While nobody is sure how the general population will take to eating meat, it is true that people have taken to eating plant based meals and ‘plant based’ replica meat meals easily, so manufactured meat may surprise.

Cells are taken from a cell bank and grown in a large bio reactor, then mixed with plant based ingredients, and manufactured in to meat. While the process is in its initial stages and costly, it will be cheaper in the long run, especially if manufactured meat take off.

The cells are taken from biopsies that are done on live animals and so no animals were harmed in the process. A special procedure including the extraction of foetal blood takes place. It is thought that by 2040, most meat eaten by humans will not come from slaughtering animals in an inhumane manner.

No-kill, lab-grown meat to go on sale for first time No-kill, lab-grown meat to go on sale for first time Reviewed by Tim on April 10, 2021 Rating: 5


  1. but the suffering is what makes it so tasty

    1. Wow! Hilarious! Out-friggin-standing comedy right here with this guy :D

      I bet you're the laugh of the team and have all the cackles of your inept little social group!

      Please, carry on - please remind me that yes, it's the slaughter of young calfs, the staples slammed into still-live chickens as their throats are torn apart atop rusty saws, how your fish is all so much more delicious with that extra micro particle of plastic, disease and pesticide or how your coffee and tea is that much tastier thanks to the separation of many, many innocent new borns it has to live through while it sits in its own filth.

      I bet all that makes it just infinitely more succulent for your dominutive, squared brain of vapid, moronic verbal diarrhea.

      Fuck you and your shitty troll.
      You waste of air, skin and star dust.

    2. No, it's true. Horrible animal suffering makes it taste soooo much better. Sometimes I buy way more meat than I need to drive up demand and then throw it all out after it goes bad. More demand means more suffering which means more flavor. I try to only buy from the least humane brands just for that extra flavor. You should try it.

  2. "...pork, what the aim of bringing cleaner meat to the market and meat where animals have not been killed for it."

    If you want to be considered a bona fide writer/reporter, play by the basic rules: Get you copy proof-read BEFORE submission!

    Explain to us all why you didn't. Make it good.
    Don't call yourself a pro until you get professional.

    You'll do fine in the great big world of Uber.

  3. We need lab grown sea food. The fishing industry is destroying the world way faster than people think.

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