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Two Guys Create 'Leather' From Cactus, Will Save 1 Billion Animals Killed For Fashion


Leather products are cringe-worthy. Talk about it with PETA volunteers, and they would detest the idea of slaughtering animals for leather. On second thoughts, it is not healthy for our environment. All of us talk about conserving nature, but saving animals is also a part of protecting our environment. 

Here's some news for you: the treatment of leather consists of innumerable harmful chemicals. Now, this causes extreme damage to the environment. And these items are non-biodegradable as well. 

There is a new trend that has been going on. Vegans are flaunting their 'faux' leather bags and jackets on social media. While it may be a noble idea to NOT slaughter animals for leather, faux is made of plastic. As you are aware, plastic is not environment-friendly. Cactus, on the other hand, poses no threat to Mother Nature. 

Say hello to Marte Cázarez and Adrián López Velarde. The two entrepreneurs have found the perfect replacement.

The company's name is Adriano Di Marti, and they have introduced an environment-friendly fabric using Desserto, cactus leaves. It is rugged, pointy, thick, and hard! 

Once these guys processed the leaves, it felt like leather, and the best part is that it does not consume a lot of water. After all, cactuses need minimal water to survive. They thrive in desserts with not a single drop of water. 

The two guys, Marte and Adrian, have also created natural dyes to process this all-new-leather made from cactus. What an innovation, right? 

A lot of people on social media wish to know how long the fabric lasts. The material lasts for more than a decade, and it does not harm the environment. 

Buyers will be spoilt for choice as there is a myriad of colors to choose from. Considering it is made from cactus (a plant), the fabric is biodegradable (partially). 

Interestingly, even though this fabric is eco-friendly and organic, it costs the same as real leather. Usually, organic products cost a fortune and go out of your budget, but this one will be pocket-friendly. 

Here are the perks of turning to Desserto: 

  1. Easy to clean

  2. Animal cruelty-free

  3. Plastic-free

  4. Sustainable

  5. Breathable

  6. Helps in preserving the environment

  7. Soft to touch 

The fashion industry is finally embracing sustainable fashion. The creators have also utilized the material to make bags, car seats, apparel, and shoes. 

It's interesting to see new inventions like these. Desserto has become the latest talk of the town, and that's not just in some countries but all over the world. Soon enough, fashion enthusiasts will embrace 'cactus' leather.  

We hope that the youth can bid adieu to animal and faux leather. Opt for sustainable fashion, and look your best! 

Two Guys Create 'Leather' From Cactus, Will Save 1 Billion Animals Killed For Fashion Two Guys Create 'Leather' From Cactus, Will Save 1 Billion Animals Killed For Fashion Reviewed by Tim on January 24, 2021 Rating: 5

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