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Mexican gang castrate rapist by setting pitbull on him

Native people of Mexico City tortured by Mexican gangs- a news which is definitely not new in Mexico, once again comes under limelight but this time the cruelty is rather a punishment for the culprit for committing an abominable crime like rape. In Mexico (2015) the rape rate in 2015 was 12.6 cases per 100,000 population (approximately), though the actual number is much higher as many cases remain unreported.

According to the recent news received, a man in his 30s in Mexico City, was viciously emasculated by a white pit bull terrier led by a barbarous gang. The man who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in Mexico City was stripped naked and brutally pinned to the ground and ultimately was left with nothing but a gaping wound from tearing off of genitals. 

Reportedly the mentioned dog was not joined by another brown Pit-bull which appeared later at the spot. As per the news,  the victim was heard begging to the gang of five men to stop and screaming stop, leave me now, leave me.while the gang watched. Though no news was obtained regarding his death, but the video of the ferocious torturer emerged last month and was reported to the media. Don Diario reported, one of those women, supposedly, was raped by the protagonist of the video.

Mexico having the world's highest murder rate with 17,000 killed within first 6 months of this year, is reportedly suffering from the terror created by the torturers of Mexican criminal organizations. It's also admitted that these have taken a frequent form and their level of cruelty has increased over months. Surprisingly this amount does  not include drive-by shootings, kidnappings or exactions by force, many of them being part of manufacturers or suppliers associations.
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