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Hundreds of transgender youths now wish to return to original sex

In 2018, there was a woman who changed her gender regretted the decision. She told Sky News that many transgender individuals are looking for help to get their original sex back.

28 years old Charlie Evans was originally born as a girl but for the past 10 years he had lived a life of a male.

Though there are many young people who want to change their sex, we rarely hear of transgender people who later regret changing their sex.

Evans detransitioned last year and shared her story to the public. She mentioned that she was astounded in learning that many transgender people feel the same way.

She said that she is in contact with 19 and 20 year olds who went through complete gender reassignment. She said they regretted their decision and have no idea what to do now.

Evans claims that “hundreds” of detransitioned individuals, including 30 people in Newcastle where she is located, are contacting her for help.

She stated that the most common characteristics of people who regretted are those in their mid-20s, female, and often autistic. 

Evans said that a young bearded girl reached out to her after her speech in public, and informed Evans that she too had gone through detransitioning.

She stated that the young girl felt that the LGBT community rejected her because they view her as a traitor. Evans said she knew she had to act.

Currently, Evans established ‘The Detransition Advocacy Network’ charity and their first meeting is scheduled at month’s end in Manchester.

Sky News interviewed one detransitioned person who had reached out to Evans’ network. She refused to be identified so we used another name.

21 years old Ruby started to think of herself as a man at a young age of 13. Her voice transitioned to be deeper like a man after ingesting testosterone. She also has facial hair and she noticed changes in her body.

Ruby planned to remove her breasts through surgery come summer. But, when May came, Ruby started to have doubts about her decision and decided to stop taking testosterone and begun identifying herself as a woman.

Ruby stated that she realized that it’s better to change how she looks at herself than change her body
Ruby also stated that she had an eating disorder but her therapist did not explore deeper into the issue, saying that it has nothing to do with her gender dysphoria.

She said that there should be more options for people suffering the same issue, and not just be provided with pills and surgeries.

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust are providing children below 18 years old with identity services. They’re seeing 3,200% more people compared to 10 years ago, and 5,337% of that number is girls.

A spokesperson said that they take extra care in the exploration process and physical interventions to ensure that regret is not experienced.

Gender transition can make people happy, and detransitioning can be seen as transphobic. And more options should be available.

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