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U.K. Schools Are Removing Analog Clocks From Exam Rooms Because Kids Can't Read Them

In the world of today, nearly everything we do is online. Whether we’re updating our social media profiles, or shopping for dresses, or completing assignments, or watching movies, we spend most of our time on a screen. It doesn’t matter whether it’s our phone screen or a laptop one.

But what matters is whether this is having drastic effects on our brains and the way we think.
And this effect’s certainly been noted in the United Kingdom in 2019.

School teachers in the U.K. are now installing digital clocks in their classrooms instead of the plain old analogue ones.


Because when students take stressful exams, they’re too stressed out to read analogue clocks and determine how much time is left for the exam to end.

Deputy General Secretary at the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), Malcolm Trobe, said that using digital clocks and other devices has become habitual for students below 18.

Unlike the older generation, the present one is used to everything digital. That includes seeing a digital representation of the time on their laptops and their phones. So they can’t read analogue clocks as fast or as properly as the older generation can.

According to Trobe, teachers want students to be relaxed while giving their exams. For example, suppose a student has a couple of answers left to write, and tries to read an analogue clock. But he or she can’t really tell the time properly, so he or she may get more stressed out than is necessary in such circumstances.

He or she wouldn’t understand whether there’s an hour or only a couple of minutes left during the exam. That would affect the student’s grades too.

This is why schools in the U.K. are trying to make it simpler and easier for students when they’re in the exam hall.

With digital clocks, no student can read the time wrong.

Cockermouth School and Ruislip High School are among the many U.K. schools that are switching to digital clocks.

Trobe said that schools do teach students how to read an analogue clock. But even by the time they reach high school, many of the students can’t understand fully how to tell the time from analogue clocks.

The Heart of England Foundation NHS Trust’s head pediatric occupational therapist Sally Payne said something scary in 2018. She warned that the children of today are finding it more difficult than ever to hold pencils and pens, as they’re so used to swiping on digital screens with their fingers and typing on screens.

These days, kids are given iPads as gifts, instead of giving them toys like building blocks. Due to this, kids can’t develop the skills that they need to hold a pencil and move it.
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