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Stubborn Kids Are More Likely to Become Successful Adults

If you don’t know what stubborn children are like, ask the parents of one such kid. They’ll tell you that having rebellious children is like a nightmare. This nightmare rolls on to such an extent, that the parents feel like they’re bad ones and haven’t brought up their children the right way. Some of them just can’t understand why their children disobey them and challenge their authority. They think the future of such kids isn’t going to be much bright if they continue being this way.

But they couldn’t be more wrong.

According to a recent study conducted by ResearchGate, if your children are really rebellious and stubborn, they might be more successful than others as adults in the future.

As soon as your children start going to school, you expect them to be on their best behavior at all times, get good grades, and be respectful and obedient towards elders.

ResearchGate has been compiling data for their study since 1968. Initially, it analyzed the behavior of around 3,000 children aged between 8 and 12. The behavior attributes which the research took into account included aspirations, intelligence, thoughts, feelings, family background, habits, and daily activities.

Following up the data for over 40 years now, the study found something interesting. Kids who generally defied authority tended to think beyond the limits set for them and question everything around them. This ability of theirs makes them creative and innovative while thinking of launching a business or getting new ideas. Stubborn, aggressive, and rebellious children were placed in important positions within their workplace once they grew up. They even earned more money than those who were quite disciplined throughout their childhood and who had better grades at school.

Students belonging to upper-class and rich families aren’t guaranteed to reach the top. What counts for achieving career success is the behavior and nature of a kid, not the socio-economic status of the child’s family. The interest, and the level of academic and professional training that the child has developed all through his or her life, also matter.

The study concluded that since stubborn children have a tendency to put their own interests first, they may be more successful as adults. They bargain with their employers for the salary they want, and they don’t agree to abide by the rules as easily as others would. This leads them to look out for only those job opportunities which attract and interest them.

Of course, what people considered rebellious behavior 50 years ago can’t be considered the same in the world of today. And the study didn’t find all the stubborn children to have succeeded in life later on quickly. Some of the cases were of rebellious kids who spent more time in school and qualified for college much later than others. These kids, who spent more time in their schools, gained the knowledge necessary for them to go to college. They were also surer of what they wanted in the future.

So if you’ve got a kid who doesn’t obey you, don’t get too anxious. Your kid might have a really bright future as a successful adult!

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