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Science Says Men Mature Only On Reaching the Age of 40

The society generally considers women to be mature much beyond their age. But how many times have you heard anyone say that men of the same age are mature?

The answer’s likely to be “rarely” or even “never”.

Some believe that in a relationship, a woman is more mature than a man is. Most men behave like children even when they’re well into adulthood.

The Oxford University conducted a study recently, aiming to compare the maturity level of a man to that of a woman.

It explained that some of the human brain’s structural and functional properties keep developing even during adulthood. In the study, the researchers wanted to find out which features remain the same during maturation, and which ones change.

A total of 121 people, aged between 4 and 40, participated in the study. Scientists used brain imaging to examine the brains of all the participants. They also considered the age and the gender of each participant while tracking how the different brain functions changed.

Men mature later than women

The results of the study showed that the brains of both women and men are equipped with the same capabilities to lead their day-to-day lives.

However, as compared with women, there might be a delay in functional network development in the cases of men. 

At the same time, a more premature deterioration of functional networks in the brain is found in women than in men. That’s why men mature much later on in life than women do.

Female brains show greater efficiency

Just because the brains of men are larger than those of women, it doesn’t mean that they’re more efficient than women. In fact, it’s the other way round. Due to hormones, the female brain tends to show a detailed perception of flavor and color, and much better memory.

So science has just proved that the brains of men and women function quite differently. That’s why the behavior and the maturity level vary from person to person.

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