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New research says Some women go on dates for free meals, not a relationship

Researchers from Azusa Pacific University and the University of California Merced conducted a study on “Foodie Call” to investigate a new dating norm among women. The study reveals that some women go on dating optimistic of free meals rather than romantic relationships.

The study was conducted in two parts. the first was done among 820 heterosexual women who were asked a series of questions that calibrated their personality traits, gender role perceptions, their take on foodie calls and if they had ever made a foodie call themselves in the past.

A similar study was done on the second set of participants comprising 357 hetero sexual women.

The 1st study revealed that 23% of the respondents had prior experience of making foodie calls, while many said they are occasionally or rarely involved in such practice. As anticipated, most of the women engaged in foodie calling found the practice socially acceptable, however a general consensus was that it is extremely to moderately unacceptable. 33% of the respondents from the second study had engaged in a foodie call.

The researchers also reported that women scoring high on dark triad personality traits like psychopathy, Machiavellianism and narcissism and patronising traditional gender roles were more likely to find foodie calls acceptable and engage in them.

Brian Collison, an author of the study said, “Several dark traits have been linked to deceptive and exploitative behaviour in romantic relationships, such as one-night stands, faking an orgasm or sending unsolicited sexual pictures.”

The researchers also highlighted that the women surveyed for the research do not represent general public and hence the accuracy of the percentages can vary. They further mentioned that however the study was conducted only among heterosexual women, foodie calls are not gender dependant and may occur in many types of relationships.

The findings of the study were published in the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal.

New research says Some women go on dates for free meals, not a relationship New research says Some women go on dates for free meals, not a relationship Reviewed by Tim on August 15, 2019 Rating: 5

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