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Man Faces 20 Years In Prison For Leaving Food And Water in Desert For Migrants

Scott Warren, a college professor, left food and water near the border for immigrants. He also let them stay the night at a safe house.

And what was his reward for his angelic acts?

20 years in prison.

Border patrol arrested Warren and charged him with harboring and transporting illegal aliens. These charges are federal crimes for which the sentence can be up to 20 years in prison.

Warren, who’s a charity worker, works with a charity organization named “No More Deaths”. The group leaves behind food and water for immigrants near the border and does other kinds of charity efforts. Only a few hours after the group criticized border patrol, Warren was arrested.

A report that No More Deaths released in 2018 included videos of border patrol agents pouring out gallons of water that had been left for immigrants. In this way, border agents wasted over 3,856 gallons of water over a period of 4 years.

According to the organization, border agents constantly interfere with acts of humanitarian aid, especially in remote borderlands.

Right after these videos were released at a press conference, border agents arrested Warren. His crime was providing immigrants a safe house, named ‘The Barn’, in the middle of the desert, to spend the night in. Hours after the press conference, border agents raided the house.

Warren not only gave the immigrants food, water, and shelter. He also provided them with clean clothes and beds. In fact, he continued helping them in this way for 3 days.

He also testified that all he did was to give the border crossers food, water, and medical care. No More Deaths doesn’t do anything to smuggle the immigrants into the U.S., so it doesn’t do anything illegal.

Nevertheless, border agents have been trying to frame the organization in a case for years. As a result of their close surveillance over the group’s activities, Warren and 8 other members of No More Deaths are now facing charges for having helped immigrants survive their long journey.

The past 20 years have seen at least 7,209 lives lost while crossing the border and entering the country, a USA Today report said. But the actual number of deaths might be much higher.

It just shows how border agents are really like. If they can waste the water that could’ve saved someone’s life, they can arrest people like Warren. And the only crime that these people committed was helping someone survive.
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