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Man drinks his own URINE daily to stay healthy

A 37 year old interior designer from Sheffield, Fabian Farquharson reportedly has been gulping down his own urine every morning for almost 3 years now. According to his taste buds this obnoxious drink tastes almost like bitter ale.

Fabian has been experiencing stomach pains for quite some time. He pointed out the reason saying that he had been travelling a lot and was only consuming unhealthy junk foods. Every doctor he consulted failed to provide any proper cure for his pains. He started an online research on various methods of staying healthy. 

On his survey, he came across a website which states the benefits of consuming your own urine. The article caught his attention and he since 2013 has been drinking more than a pint of his own urine. He claims that this bizarre practice has made him healthier and since then he has not been experiencing any stomach pains.

He stores his urine in glass jars every night, and drinks the very same liquid the next morning. Fabian likes to age his urine like wine. He stores the liquid and labels the container with the date, then leaves it to age for approximately 30 days or to the level of acidity he prefers. As per his sayings, drinking aged urine has made him healthier, smarter and happier. 

On asking about his familys remarks he said that his wife was squeamish about it initially but she knows that her husband loves to follow unusual diets. Fabian at time used to follow a raw diet, he was alive on raw fruits and vegetables only.  She eventually had to follow him on his weird choice of morning ritual.

Drinking ones own urine is also mentioned in the Bible. It is a sterile fluid which contains 90% water and 10% waste which the body discards. Through the years many cultures supported drinking ones own urine for a better health. Though doctors state that there are no scientific poof regarding this believe. They suggest other sane ways to stay healthy than drinking urine.

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