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First Woman With Autism Passes The Bar And Becomes An Attorney In Florida

24 years old Haley Moses is the first autistic candidate to clear Florida bar exam to adore the career of an attorney.

Haley has always been a diligent learner of non-verbal skills and could solve 100-piece jigsaw puzzles at just 3 years of age. Her autism was diagnosed when her parents realized her trouble with expressing herself in words despite being brilliant at no-verbal talents. She started speaking after a year of her diagnosis and was transferred to mainstream classroom.

Haley authored her first book titled “Middle School – The Stuff Nobody Tells You About It: A Teenage Girl With ASD Shares Her First Experiences.” at the tender age of 15. This talented and high-spirited girl has also contributed writings for a book of essays, penned another book, delivered speeches and created art pieces.

 Haley has been a constant advocate of people with autism and has been conquering her one flaw with her numerous talents. “I’ve always been raised to give back and help others in need and help the community. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes an even bigger village to raise a child with a disability … I realized by sharing my story, I could be a part of someone else’s village,” says Haley.

 After graduating from the University of Florida, Haley decided to pursue Law at University of Miami with the faith that she could create real life impact and difference by being a lawyer. In May 2018 she graduated with flying colors and was successful in securing a job even before passing the bar.

 Haley aims at inspiring everyone in the spectrum with her success and wants to reinstate that “nothing is impossible”. She believes all her successes and achievements will mean the most if she’s able to influence the life of even one person into the path of hope and meaningfulness.

Haley is a motivational speaker and spoke on a public platform for the first time at the age of 13, starting with telling the story of her life. Haley, Florida’s first attorney with autism, practices law with a focus on international matters and healthcare.

First Woman With Autism Passes The Bar And Becomes An Attorney In Florida First Woman With Autism Passes The Bar And Becomes An Attorney In Florida  Reviewed by Tim on August 16, 2019 Rating: 5

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