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Scientists At Harvard Find Protein In Blood That Reverses Aging

Heart failure is one of the most common illnesses in America and around the world. That is why scientists from all parts of the globe have been trying to find what exactly are the particular sickness' root causes. With delving deeply into the divided areas of symptoms that result to heart failure, researchers from Harvard found a protein and found it to aid in greatly lessening the thickness of the heart walls of humans. The initial tests were executed on old mice. They were injected with the protein which is identified as GDF - 11(Growth differentiation factor 11). After being administered with the protein, the hearts of the old mice decreased in size and thickness, similar to the hearts of their younger counterparts.

 “The most common form of heart failure [in the elderly] is actually a form that’s not caused by heart attacks but is related to the heart aging,” said Lee.” In this study, we were able to show a protein circulating in the blood is related to the problem, and if we gave older mice this protein, we could reverse the heart aging in a short period.”

 These were parts of the findings of Richard T. Lee, a Harvard Medical School Professor and Amy Wagers, a professor in Harvard's Stem cell and Regenerative Biology. Local doctors are excited about the findings and what it could greatly contribute to the society and the world and more specifically to every heart failure patient.

Doctor's even are worried and frustrated that monthly treatments are not doing well or 'not cutting it' for their patients. Saying, they go to the hospital and have fluids pumped out of their hearts and prematurely think or worse hope that they get treated.

They aspire one day that their heart failure patients do not have to go back to the hospital for repetitive treatments but go to have one treatment and they are well off by themselves. Since it is also economically illogical for the patients. Professors Richard T. Lee and Amy Wagers are as of the moment proceeding with the clinical trials of how to further turn GDF - 11 Protein to better means in helping aged hearts. They still have to find out what causes GDF - 11 to decrease in the bloodstream as the body gradually ages.
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