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The World Is Getting Increasingly Dumber, Study Finds

Despite being some of the world’s most developed countries that support really high standards of living for their citizens, Britain, France, Australia, Germany, and Scandinavia are on their way to project declining IQs. Can you believe it?

The present trend of IQs on a drastic decline has just begun to be noticed all throughout Western Europe. However, there’s no guarantee that it won’t spread to the US as well. For all we know, it might have already! This brings us to what some people have been suspecting for some time_ what if the world’s getting dumber and dumber? Have you ever thought what it would be like if most of the people in the world started to become like the characters in the Jim Carrey movie by the same name? Facepalm!

In Europe, the children of quite intelligent people have begun to exhibit dumb behavior. But the exact cause of this trend hasn’t yet been found.

The tests for determining the IQ levels of people vary from country to country and from time to time. For example, information about the intelligence of the French citizens has been collected on the basis of a small sample, while the tests showing shortfalls in IQ in Denmark and Norway were long-standing ones of military conscripts. Nevertheless, all the tests point toward the same fact_ most of the world’s economically developed countries began to experience at least some kind of decline in IQ levels since the start of the 21st century.

Some people suggest that the main cause of this trend is that families with lower IQs are breeding more children than those with higher IQ levels, which is why there’s such a dynamic change in the average intelligence of people. Others say that immigration could be bringing in more people with lower IQs in societies which are otherwise constituted by people with higher intelligence levels.

But these theories met their death when a study of the IQs of Norwegians in 2018 showed that intelligence levels are declining not only across societies and cultures, but also within families. This means that there’s nothing like educated and more intelligent Norway citizens are being outnumbered by immigrants who have not received much education and are thus further down the IQ ladder. No, even children who are born to very intelligent and bright parents, whether native to the society or not, are showing a decline in their IQ levels. 

A number of possible explanations have been put forward. For instance, the increasingly important role that smartphones play in our lives has decreased our ability to pay attention to a particular thing for more than a couple of minutes, if not seconds. Secondly, jobs that don’t require high skills and intellectual stimulation are on the rise nowadays. Thirdly, today’s food isn’t as nutritious and chemical-free as it used to be before.

No matter the cause, the trend of declining IQs seems to suggest a fall in economic success and productivity in the long run. That’s a scary thought!

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