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Alabama Passes New Chemical Castration Law Against Child Molesters

In most of the countries in the world, sex offenders are usually sent to prison for a specified period of time or for life. But a new legislative measure in a southeastern US state will be punishing sex offenders in an entirely different way. In other words, the offenders will be made to undergo chemical castration, and, what’s more, would have to pay for the treatment themselves as well. Not unheard of before, but, well, it’s only fair. Nice move, Alabama!

The new bill, named ‘HB 379’, was approved towards the end of May this year by both houses of the state legislature of Alabama, and after being reviewed, it was approved on 11thJune, 2019.

According to the new law, chemical castration is defined as the process of receiving medication that blocks, reduces, or inhibits the production of hormones, testosterone, and other chemicals in a person’s body. It doesn’t involve removing a person’s testicles, unlike the castration of a bull.

A month before being released from prison custody, anyone who has been accused and convicted of a sex offense in which a person under the age of 13 is a victim, will be made to undergo chemical or surgical castration treatment by being injected with a hormone-blocking drug. Plus, the treatment is to be continued until it is determined by the court, not the doctor, that the same treatment will no longer be necessary. And the money for this treatment would come from the pockets of the offender.

Woe betide the sexual offender who doesn’t want the treatment to be continued! For if this happens, then this move will be considered a violation of parole, and the offender would be forced to return to his place behind the bars.

Some people, however, alleged that in trying to punish sexual offenders, the new law has gone so far as to resort to inhumane methods of punishment such as surgical castration. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), for example, argued that this measure not only violates a person’s right to privacy, but also advocates unusual and cruel punishment.

In reply, Republican representative Steve Hurst, who had introduced the bill HB 379 in the state legislature, said that nothing could be more inhumane than sexually molesting or abusing a child who couldn’t defend himself or herself, and scarring that child for life. As Hurst rightly proclaimed, “the punishment should fit the crime”.

But Alabama isn’t the only one that’s dropped the bomb of surgical castration treatment for sexual offenders. Different versions of chemical castration laws are at work in several states in the US. For example, California became the first state to pass such a law in 1996. Georgia, Montana, Florida, Washington, and Louisiana followed suit. Sex offenders who have repeatedly committed such crimes are allowed to voluntarily undergo surgical castration treatment, if they choose to do so, in Texas.

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