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Moses Spoke to God When He Was High on Drugs, Says Israeli Professor

Benny Shannon, an Israeli researcher, made a shocking claim on Israel Radio. The Professor of cognitive philosophy at Hebrew University said that during their quest across the desert, Moses and the people of Israel were high on narcotics in all probability. This theory could explain how Moses had a vision of himself receiving the tablets containing the Ten Commandments from the Creator.

Shannon prefers to believe that the meeting of Moses with God on Mount Sinai or Gabal Musa was neither a legend, nor a “supernatural cosmic event.” Rather, the Israelites, including Moses, must have been experiencing the effects of psychedelics, namely ayahuasca, to be exact. According to Shannon, the ingredients needed to make the entheogenic brew named ‘ayaguasca’ or ‘ayahuasca’ are native not only to the Amazon basin, but also to the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt, where Mount Sinai is located.

The legendary moments during which Moses met with God have been described in the Book of Exodus as being marked by thunder and lightning, accompanied by the blaring of trumpets. People under the influence of drugs recounted having similar visions. As said by Shannon, profound spiritual and religious feelings start flooding into the mind and a light is seen during the advanced stages of ayahuasca intoxication. At even higher levels of ayaguasca inebriation, encounters with the Creator aren’t uncommon. Since Shannon had tried ayahuasca at least once while on a trip in the Amazon in 1991, he made this claim from his experiences.

During his conversation on Israel Radio, Shannon even went so far as to suggest that the “burning bush” in the Bible is nothing more than a “literal hallucination”, saying that the bush was on fire not actually, but figuratively.

These theories spark controversies among different religious scholars, but the role of entheogenic drugs in promoting spirituality across multitudinous cultures in the world can’t be denied. Many of our ancestors considered psychedelics as just another way of reaching out to God and increasing their religious experiences. At least, that’s what human history says so!

The Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College in London found that people under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms tend to feel more connected than ever with nature. The study also recorded these people as becoming more resistant to authority when subjected to psychedelic mushroom inebriation.

Psilocybin, one of the components of psychedelic mushrooms, can be used for treating depression and for developing pharmaceuticals. This is exactly the work for which the Food and Drug Administration approved a startup named ‘Compass Pathways’, launched in 2016 in the UK. The company has already received approvals for running trials in the Netherlands and Canada, and is on the way for the same in the US.

A campaign titled ‘Decriminalize Denver’ has recently been launched, proposing a legal measure that would no longer put felony charges against people possessing psychedelic mushrooms. Kevin Matthews, the campaign director, and other activists have managed to collect thousands of signatures in favour of this measure, which indicates that people want a change in drug policy laws.

Moses Spoke to God When He Was High on Drugs, Says Israeli Professor Moses Spoke to God When He Was High on Drugs, Says Israeli Professor Reviewed by Tim on May 30, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. I want to know why God was doing drugs.
    Seems unnecessary.

  2. I agree, God should have just said NO!!!

  3. Come on, people, God wasn’t on drugs, Moses was, and IMAGINED he saw God!


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