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Your Favorite Song is Rewiring Your Brain: here’s how

Music is undoubtedly a universal language and a spiritual language too. Good music always lifts our spirits and put us in a good mood. We all feel this intuitively, not realizing the science behind it. Whenever we hear our favorite song, a smile tends to appear on our faces. Music, like any session of meditation or any adaptogenic herb, helps in reorganizing our brains and relax us.

Herbs known as adaptogens, help one reorganize the cells in our body, they tend to adapt to our greatest need, be it Boosting our immune system or any kind of stress or anxiety. Researches prove that music also helps do the same.

During Paleolithic days, music was invented as a mere source of recreation and enjoyment for human beings. However, the “music of the Universe”, invented by the Pythagoreans is said to be as old as the universe... NASA has even researched and proved that the “song” of the earth and many others regarding different planets have their own unique musical vibrations.

Likely, the ancient Greeks, who were influenced by the ancient Egyptians understood the therapeutic benefits of music. Many other cultures, including the Chinese, Hindu, Persians, and Tibetan had knowledge of the scales which helped in inducing particular hypnagogic states. However, there is still no proof as to how long as human beings have been used music for any purpose. Even the Neanderthals could chant and sing. Music has proven to be an integral part of the revolution but the question is how it helps to rewire the brain.

In the recent researches, scientists watched the blood flow to a person’s brain when they listened to their favorite song by using functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI) technology.
They concluded that when the favorite song or favorite tune of the person is played or the people listen to the songs of their favorite genre, they experience enhanced levels of brain connectivity. 

Listening to their favorite music also produces a state in the brain known as the whole brain or dull brain processing. This state in the brain enables the person to have deeper creativity, enjoy maximum happiness and also enables the cognitive functioning of the brain.

The study shows that the biggest change inspired by music is associated with inner peace. The brain sets allow us to daydream, show greater empathy and self-awareness and also use the right-brained creativity to solve the left brain problems.

Listening to great music allows us to utilize divergent thinking and process psychosocial interactions. Our very state of mind is covertly and coercively manipulated by the Deep state.

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