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Women who remain single for long periods of time end up the happiest

If you want the opinion of women who have not been in a committed relationship, you can sense a pattern of contentment in the way they see their single life. They might not be outright happy, but it is evident that they do not regret any bit of it.

The reason behind their emotional bliss is difficult to pinpoint, but an imperceptible sense of calm which is far from undeniable comfort is constant among these women. The motive behind this phenomenon is not clear, but some speculations give way to several possibilities.

Perhaps these women are not accustomed to what being someone’s better half means or they might be so comfortable being single that their whole life would seem unnatural if anything were to change. Some even claim that these women might have been in relationships at some point but finally found themselves alone and abandoned. Or they simply quit the overwhelming whirlwind of the dating scene.

Nevermind the probable reasons for a single life, women who tend to stay single for longer periods ultimately end up being the happiest. One essential aspect in these women is comfort at the personal level not only with themselves but with everyone around them, the lack of intimacy gives them a sense of calm in their everyday lives. They are not just satisfied with their solitude, but also embrace the stillness and silence of the moment.

While living their daily lives, single women tend to focus on the substance of that very  moment and do not wish to share this with someone else by their side. Eating lunch at a restaurant, spending a night at home, or watching a movie does not seem to be an exercise in loneliness. These women embrace their current situation and take all the adventures solo and head on.

These women tend to be happier because they can focus on their goals and their ambitions, which are not diluted by considering the hopes of their significant other. This might seem selfish to others, but for them, it is a selfless act towards themselves. The sacrifice of emotional and physical rewards which long term relationships require leads them to earn spiritual freedom that is difficult to achieve for women who are bound by emotional strings.

The love that you find in a romantic relationship is not necessarily the only kind of love that a person can find. And women who choose to avoid long term relationships know this much better than others.

Women who remain single for long periods of time end up the happiest Women who remain single for long periods of time end up the happiest Reviewed by Tim on April 01, 2019 Rating: 5


  1. Replies
    1. So john, maybe you could mansplain it to us as to why its rubbish? What with you being an expert in being a single women and all.

    2. Here's a little bit of information for you John, or should I call you babe. I've been single for 9 years, I live in the country on acreage; don't even have curtains on my windows. I have one cat to keep the snakes and rodents at Bay, and one dog that loves me to no end. I come and go as I please. I eat, shop, do laundry, fix things on the property in my own timing, go where I want when I want and spend time as much time with whoever I want or don't want. I can achieve an orgasm in 3 minutes, multiples in 10 or I can make one last for an hour. I have no one I have to answer to. I crank up the the music, any kind of music I want, when I want, soft or loud as I desire. The remote control for the TV is always mine. When I left something somewhere, it's always in the same place later. There are so many things that occur on a daily basis, when you don't have to consider someone else at that moment, that l e s s decision-making can bring peace and solitude. I'm laying here with the dog on the bed next to me and listening to the rain and the Thunder. Fans are on and I don't have to worry about when someone else is going to want to eat and who's going to cook it. The evening is mine. It's relaxing and it's soulful. If you can't understand this, then I believe you're not ready for a relationship with an intelligent woman,l that is not a needy person. You got One Life to Live, make sure your choices every second of the day, make you happy.

    3. You said a mouthful hun!! We are single twins, except I live in the city an I am still looking for a feline fur baby!!

  2. Yep. Absolutely spot on. I choose to be single, and I love it. Total freedom to be myself, and live my life on my terms.

  3. What is the source?,i see no evidence presented or studies notated. All appear to be the author’s opinion.did i miss something?

    1. I'm a woman and I agree with it so to me it doesn't really matter opinion it is. Unless you can feel that and understand it I need the number who wrote it, you won't understand it.

  4. its not good for man to be alone, That includes woman. I understand there arent many real ones left.

  5. I am a 59 year old Virgin. I haven't miss A THING. It may not be good for a woman to be alone. The solution to that? Get a pet. Something you don't have to TRAIN how to treat you like a woman. Men are not the answer, sweetheart. Never have been, never will be.

  6. These women are known as crabs

  7. Better known as I've fallen and I can't get up psychopathic


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