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Video Shows Meth Addicted Hitler Rocking Back And Forth Like A Crack Head

Adolf Hitler was known for his plans on world domination, and his treacherous manoeuvres about racism.  But a little detail that our history books have seemed to miss out is his addiction to drugs. His drug of choice was amphetamines but he often loved an inglorious concoction of morphine, opiates and weird cocktails including rat poison and bull semen. According to records, he has been seen snorting cocaine for clearing his sinuses and soothing his throat and also used eye drops that were infused with a 10% solution of cocaine.

He is known to have consumed 80 different drugs on a daily basis and some experts add that this erratic behaviour is because of the underlying mental illness he was harbouring. The drug abuse that Hitler induced upon himself was causing his manic depression and also increased his pre-existent health ailments exponentially.

National Geographic’s TV documentary titled “Nazi Underworld- Hitler’s Drug Use Revealed” and Norman Ohler’s book “Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany” are a few books among others that have clearly shed light on the drug exploits of the Fuhrer. In “Blitzed” Ohler goes into the crucial everyday moments the dictator had with his love for drugs, and at one point blatantly informs the reader that the former engaged in conversations with himself which often became lengthy and enervating. 

These conversations could sustain for hours at a stretch where the Fuhrer in his soft baritone seemed to address a group of people while there was no presumable audience in front of him. He had some favourite themes which he loved to redo, like that of the harmfulness of smoking or preaching against poisoning one’s own blood.

Ohler added that he missed being in the public eye during the later part of his life. He wanted to boost his self esteem somehow and these psychedelics helped create stimulated schizophrenia where he could address non-existent people and have riveting conversations with them. This subsequently made him isolate himself further and fed to his mania.

Irish Mirror reported that the US military had commissioned a series of letters and medical reports after the war. These records contained interviews with six of his doctors, one of whom was Theodor Morell, his personal drug dealer. The report extended to 47 pages and had instances of the dictator’s ailments including chronic eczema, flatulence, stomach cramps and deformation in his genitalia. All these might have been a result of his self-induced drug abuse that lasted for years.

Video Shows Meth Addicted Hitler Rocking Back And Forth Like A Crack Head Video Shows Meth Addicted Hitler Rocking Back And Forth Like A Crack Head Reviewed by Tim on April 08, 2019 Rating: 5

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