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Tiny Low-Cost homes made of concrete pipes could be the next big thing in micro housing

Homes made up of concrete pipes are a totally new concept while tiny homes on shipping container abodes as well as on wheels is not a new concept. This has become the newest trend in Japan as well as Hong Kong where people are trading their expensive housing in exchange of low-cost OPods. 

Architect James Law designed the OPods Tube Housing. As reported by the Apartment Therapy, the tiny home remains entirely unique despite its resemblance with the representation of the cylindrical version of Tokyo’s capsule sleep pods. Each concrete pipes that have been repurposed measures up to a height just over eight feet in diameter and can easily accommodate two people. Standard amenities that are required such as a bench that could be converted into a bed, a bathroom, a mini-fridge, shelving, and even a shower has been successfully built into the unit.

The idea of the conversion of concrete pipes was proposed by the government of Hong Kong in order to meet with the needs of the housing problems. As a result, the idea was passed by the law to repurpose the use of concrete pipes and help in the solution of affordable housing. An added bonus that served in the repurposing of the concrete pipes was that the concrete pipes after even remodeling could be placed above each other in the alleyways if necessary and thus it would not occupy a huge amount of space. 

The architect James Law has quoted the Curbed by saying that there is often space left in between two buildings where nothing can be built. In these small spaces, one can accommodate the OPods in between the buildings and thus utilize that piece of land.

“Bulky” is a word that can be used to describe the OPods because the OPods can weigh upto22 tons each. So, there will never be the worry about someone stealing your small and tiny home. There is no requirement of bolts or blocks for the OPods, thus they can be easily secured to one another. 

There are visualizations that provide us to see that how OPods are stacked securely above one another, though the visualizations fail to provide information about how the tenants are going to reach their units. But, the depiction successfully shows us how the land that has been left in between two buildings can be put to good use.

Clearly, to live in a water pipe is not the dream home for everyone. But, the OPod Tube Housing is the perfect solution to affordable housing for people who are unable to find a place to live

Tiny Low-Cost homes made of concrete pipes could be the next big thing in micro housing Tiny Low-Cost homes made of concrete pipes could be the next big thing in micro housing Reviewed by Tim on April 18, 2019 Rating: 5

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