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This Michigan University Becomes First To Offer A Degree In Marijuana Science

Has cannabis intrigued you? Learning to cultivate might give you the same high as smoking it up? If yes, there is a degree waiting for you to make the process so much more rewarding. North Michigan University is the first college in United States that offers a 4 year undergraduate degree in chemistry of medicinal plants. But before you take that road, keep in mind that it is not for the faint hearted.

Brandon Canfield is the associate professor of chemistry and he started this program stating that there might be a large crowd interested in studying marijuana but only a few can be successful because it will require dedication and hard work.

Reports from a newspaper suggest that students would not be growing the plant as a part of the degree, but will study its effects as a medicine along with other medicinal plants. The courses include studies in biochemistry, soil, biostatistics and biology. The business involving cannabis has witnessed a steady growth which the administrators appear to acknowledge and thus are offering this degree. The education about cannabis will also administer safety and quality restrictions in users which can be great for the citizen.

One of the courses is appropriately titled Chemistry 420, it is an advanced course in chemical analytics where students learn about the various classes of bioactive compounds. They also study the origin of the plants and the chemistry of its metabolites. Studies also include history of the plant, terpene profiles, extraction methods and purification procedures.

Marijuana is becoming less of a taboo in recent years. This is primarily because of the contribution of athletes, entrepreneurs, politicians to exalt the issue. The plant has not been the issue since the history of time and has no fatal tendencies. It is a medicinal counterpart of pharmaceutical drugs and is efficient in pain relief. Apart from medical benefits, legalizing the drug has contributed a steady growth in the economy of the concerned state. For example, the state of Colorado has incurred 1 billion dollars in the last year because of legal marijuana sales and by the year 2020, sales of recreational marijuana are expected to be 11.2 billion dollars.

Thus, it is clear, that marijuana is not the problem, but effort has to be put into the regulation and safety of the drug. Now that people are about to study the plant in detail, there might be less problems and more benefits that come from the plant.

This Michigan University Becomes First To Offer A Degree In Marijuana Science This Michigan University Becomes First To Offer A Degree In Marijuana Science Reviewed by Tim on April 12, 2019 Rating: 5

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