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Study: Alcohol Damages the Brain More than Cannabis

Every man and woman on this planet who have developed an affinity towards the consumption of both alcohol and cannabis must have had the one waking moment in their life where they’ve asked themselves the golden question “Which one is better?” Such a dilemma is faced by millions all over the world as they struggle to understand which one of the two is doing more harm to their body. After all this while, there might finally be an answer that can put people’s conscience at peace. It might just help people find solace regarding their addictions again.

A recent study into this very question revealed a conclusive response to it. It was found that alcohol has a more detrimental effect to the human brain than cannabis. The scientists involved in the study had found out that prolonged exposure to cannabis had no degrading effect on the white or grey matter of the brain. These are one of the most important parts of the brain. The grey matter helps in enabling brain functions, the white matter deals with the control of communication.

Professor Kent Hutchison had a few notes to add as to the outcome of this study. He said that we as humans are yet to uncover the mystery that is marijuana. Although we know that smoking weed can provide us with brief moments of conditional pleasure, we still haven’t figured out how or why that happens. The human brain is perverse in its complexity, and the effects it has due to the introduction of a foreign element is increasingly difficult to track. If you find yourself pondering upon this very fact and decide to raid the world wide web in order to look for some answers, chances are you will be bombarded with a million articles talking about the effects of marijuana, but they’ll all be unique in their own stead. Ever since man has begun showing interest in this particular topic and have conducted tests, the reports have always changed where each new test postulated that the effect of marijuana lies in a particular part of the brain that would invariably be different from the ones stated in the previous test. This kind of inconsistency is still prevalent in studies regarding marijuana effects.

Regardless of that, scientists have been able to come up with full-proof evidence that no matter how complex the effects of marijuana might be, they are still less harmful that what alcohol does to the brain. In the present scenario, marijuana has been in the limelight due to its legalization issues outstanding in most countries. While people from all around the world struggle to find some closure out of the legalization battle, scientists are still on their toes when it comes to decoding valuable information regarding the various effects of marijuana on the human brain.

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