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Studies Confirm Husbands Cause bigger Stress for Wives Than Children

We often hear married women complain about the stress they have to deal with on a daily basis having to handle their children, run a family and get her personal and professional life together. This stress is generally attributed to the children, for they have a constant need to be satisfied and have to be fulfilled by their own parents. Quite to the contrary of the popular belief, recent studies have indicated that a majority of the stress that is accumulated in a married woman is caused by the husband rather than the children.

Women from all around the world have, on an average, rated their stress an 8.5 out of 10. In a survey conducted, 75% of the responding women said that they had to handle most of the household chores in addition to the parenting aspect. This means that there’s a small number of women out there who believe that their partner is working equally hard to relieve some of the pressure off of them. This is the main argument that married women from all over the world are putting forth in order to justify attributing their husbands as the root cause for their stress. They say that they simply cannot find the time to get everything done because their partner is not helping out enough and there’s no accurate division of tasks and chores. This becomes a pressing problem in households where the wife holds a job.

A major reason that women have put on the table regarding the lack of interest the husband shows in daily household and parenting chores is because they act like overgrown babies themselves. They are too stuck up on their own issues and instead of handling it as a mature adult, they fret about it for days on end and forget their tasks. Such incidents can have an adverse effect on the marriage itself. A married woman worn down with the pressure of handling multiple important things and watching her husband be of no help whatsoever will one day be fed up of this fiasco and call it quits. This can be easily averted with the help of a few simple steps in the right direction to regain the trust and confidence that has eroded in the marriage.

Women find themselves asking what can be done regarding this marital pickle that they find themselves in. For starters, the husbands need to quit being a couch potato and lend their hand in the daily household activities and assure their significant other, that she is not alone in this. A marriage is built on trust and there should an ample amount of it between the spouses. Lastly, there should be a proper division of tasks so that no one feels overburdened while the other has a gala time. In short, making a marriage work takes time and diligence and a few correct steps help a lot
Studies Confirm Husbands Cause bigger Stress for Wives Than Children Studies Confirm Husbands Cause bigger Stress for Wives Than Children Reviewed by Tim on April 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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