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Studies confirm: The fragile male ego is threatened by intelligent women

Men have always been afraid of women, who are smarter than them- be it in the historic times, or now. Well, that doesn’t mean all men are same. Most of them are. Men generally prefer soft, delicate, feminine women who’s well within their reach, and cannot outsmart them. They would try to avoid strong, confident, alpha women for dating purposes. 

Of course, a man would be attracted to such potential incredible women, but only from a distance. Once these women come closer, the men tend to lose interest in them, because they feel their ego crashing. Their spirits are threatened by women's wit. It is claimed that this is how it works, and this is the sole purpose of nature’s existence.

The greater question is, why do men choose the soft women? Maybe, somewhere in the back of their minds, they’re this prudent and the stronger gender that needs to take care of women. Or, maybe, there’s a slightest idea of them being threatened by witty women.

This is where science comes to play. Science has very rightly proven that, the percentage of men that would date independent and strong women, are really less. When men were asked this question about dating potential women, they accepted that they were attracted to these kind of women. Presently, when they got in touch with these women, they literally backed off.

Similar studies have inferred the same things- men have been outsmarted by potential women when they were asked to prove and analyze their concept of masculinity.

Men are greatly interested in strong women from a distance, but when it comes to real life dating they are way too scared. They feel vulnerable, and crushed by these intellectual women, and almost suffer an identity crisis. They have been thinking all this while, that they are the proven superior gender, and then suddenly, some women outperform them. This comes as a shock for them, for which they’re not ready, and hence, they escape. This is the reason they prefer soft, fragile women, whom they’ll keep in control.

The male ego is sure to crumble if a witty woman is around. So, men make it an effort to stay away from independent women. They really avoid such women for dating and marrying purposes. They’re afraid to even hang out with them, but they’ll be okay to just be distant friends with them. 
For women, who are reading this: don’t settle.

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