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Saltwater Fish May Go Extinct as Soon as 2048

Do you love seafood? Well, enjoy while it lasts because there is bad news. According to a team of economists and ecologists, by 2048, the oceans of the world will have no fish because of overfishing, habitat loss, pollution and changes in climate.

A study headlined by Boris Worm of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia was published in Science. He conducted several tests to understand the consequences of the loss of ocean species.

Step 1: 32 experiments were conducted and the data was analyzed.

Step 2: They studied the 1000 year history of coastal regions on the planet.

Step 3: 64 marine ecosystems were selected whose fishery data was examined.

Step 4: Worm and his colleagues examined the recovery possibilities of 48 areas of the ocean that are protected.

According to the reports, the team of scientists was astonished to find that the apocalypse of fish isn’t about to happen, but is occurring as we write these articles. They were shocked by the disturbing data they had recovered and how consistent all the trends were. And the most astounding fact is that the phenomenon was discovered at this irreparable stage! According to researchers of Plymouth Marine Laboratory, if biodiversity has this rate of consistent decline, the marine environment will certainly not be able to sustain life.

The researchers said that everything that is native to the ocean is vital for the ecosystem. Basically, the diversity of living and non-living things is the key component that supports the survival of the ocean. If diversity is ample, the area is considered to be healthy. Overfishing, habitat loss, and climate change has caused a steady decline of fish estimated at 29 percent of edible fish. And seafood species have declined to a heartbreaking 90 percent.

It is important for the human species to survive and it is possible only through conservation and repair. The ocean is an irreplaceable part of the biodiversity of the world, and we must do anything to protect it.

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