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New research says wealthy and powerful people are more likely to steal and cheat

You probably don’t have the slightest idea as to what wealth and power could do to you. It can basically crash all the nice personality you’ve developed over the years, and make you a resentful recluse.

Sudden wealth and power can play with your mind, and change who you are. They have a negative impact on your mind, and turns you into a vicious person.

Well, talking about power, it comes in many forms, the major two of them being political powers, and financial powers.

A poor person, who has nothing to lose, would never lie, cheat, and be a fraud. These things are an attribute to rich people, who make it their habit. With such power, they engage themselves in these cheap activities to achieve more. More and more wealth and power.

Although, all these reactions are a part of our human nature, but this human nature is corrupted by this sudden wealth and power.

These ignorant people suddenly have an urge to own the world. By “world”, I mean, everything around them, people working for them, and all. They tend to ignore elders and respectable and senior citizens of the country, and mock rules made by the government for its people.

 For example, rich people with expensive cars tend to drive at a very high speed rate, that too on the wrong side of the road, most possibly. They don’t even care whoever is walking on the road, may or may not be physically or mentally challenged. They think, that their business is the only business in the world, and any other thing is just the dirt of a shoe.

People without much money, or the lower-middle class people, actually care, and have that thing called 'compassion' left, but they are the ones suffering. They are just another average fairing people who ought to be cheated and lied to.

These spoilt rich people clearly become kind of invincible, and they freaking do what they want! They literally start dominating the society and escape punishment for the wrong things they do. The power acts evil, and has a freeing effect on the people. People start acting to their dominant desires.
It’s not that power and wealth is always bad for the people. They just wire your mind set in a different way. And idea might sound okay to you, but it might cause discomfort and inconvenience to many average people.

We are all climbing the economic ladder, and playing the blame game, like we always do: pointing out  fingers to one another. We cry and complain because of what rich and powerful people do to us, what kind of strong hold they have on us, but we never care to think of people beneath us. And when we become powerful someday, we’ll become the unwanted and dominating beast that we always hated.

New research says wealthy and powerful people are more likely to steal and cheat New research says wealthy and powerful people are more likely to steal and cheat Reviewed by Tim on April 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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