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NASA Offers Volunteers £14,000 to Stay in Bed for Two Months

Ever joked with your mates about wanting a job where someone would pay you to stay in bed all day? Well, turns out someone might’ve heard your prayers. A research unit of NASA is currently willing to pay as much as £14,000 for you to stay in bed for 60 days in an attempt to understand how the human body is affected by artificial gravity. This would mark the first time NASA has taken definitive steps to offset the weightlessness of astronauts in space with artificial gravity.

The AGBRESA (Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study) which was launched by NASA collaborating with the European Space Agency at the German Aerospace Centre is looking for 12 male and 12 female volunteers who are aged between 24 to 55 years who can converse in German. The tests are to be held in a medical research facility in the Institute of Aerospace Medicine of the German Aerospace Centre in Cologne. The volunteers are required to be confined to the facility for a total of 89 days, which includes 14 days of rest and 5 days of familiarisation along with the 60 days for the actual test. In order to simulate the displacement of bodily fluids experienced by astronauts, the beds will be angled by 6 degrees towards the head. 50% of the volunteers will be placed in an artificial gravity chamber and the centrifuge will rotate them at a rate of 30 revolutions a minute in order to force the fluids back to their extremities. In order to get accurate results, movement of the volunteers would be restricted to prevent strain on various body parts.

Using the result from the two separate tests, the officials are trying to determine a way to neutralize the effects on astronauts set on a long-term space travel. The technology involved in space travel and exploration has improved exponentially over the years even before man first set his foot on the moon. This calls for the authorities to make the extra effort to ensure the safety and security of the people who are embarking on the journey into the void. NASA executives have added that these tests will provide credible information regarding the life of astronauts in a weightless environment. Such an environment leads to atrophy in the muscles and leads to further bodily issues and discomforts which the astronauts have to face while up there. Thus, these studies are geared towards making it possible to counteract the issues brought about by a lack of gravity but inducing gravity in the shuttle artificially.

Conducting such tests goes to show that we are still ardently geared towards learning more and more about the vast emptiness of space and that humans are willing to do anything to make the journey to that place as bearable as possible.

NASA Offers Volunteers £14,000 to Stay in Bed for Two Months NASA Offers Volunteers £14,000 to Stay in Bed for Two Months Reviewed by Tim on April 12, 2019 Rating: 5

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