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McDonald’s Fires Employee For Exposing Dirty Ice Machine

Laplace, Louisiana was in for a shocker when an employee from McDonald’s exposed their favourite fast food chain of the vile things that go on behind the counter of the restaurant. Nick, a former employee of the food conglomerate, shared a post on twitter and all hell broke loose. The post shows the despicable state of the ice cream machine. This event occurred in 2017 but let this story act as a cautionary tale for anyone who wishes to visit McDonald’s.

The post showcased the mould and sludge which rapidly spread across the internet. He also explained that cleaning the machine was solely the manager’s duty but throughout the time he worked there, the machine was never cleaned.

The food chain was quick to remind people that the concerned part did not actually come in contact with the ice cream, even though such a sight would force people to lose their appetite. This led to an uproar on social media where McDonald’s employees started sharing pictures of the sorry state of ice cream machines in their stores. Nick added that he had witnessed several other health violations at his branch. He posted photos of more incidents where the condition of the food before cooking was uncovered.

There have been several instances where investigations were conducted and McDonald’s seemed to be on the thin end because of almost 136 critical violations spread across 100 stores according to Dateline. Some of the stores did not even have a certified and trained food handler which is made mandatory by most states. An investigation conducted in 2017 proved that ice in fast food restaurants is contaminated with bacteria. This includes the touch screen used by customers in all these places were infested faecal bacteria. 

Dr. Paul Matawele claimed that spreading these bacteria can lead to serious infections. Researchers went on to test 8 such McDonald’s located at different parts of London and Birmingham area and all are infested with different viruses and bacteria ranging from staphylococcus to listeria. The presence of Staphylococcus is all the more alarming because it is highly contagious.

But there is a silver lining for consumers. Recent studies have shown that people are moving away from fast food, especially the younger generation who are getting into healthier options. Thus, the multimillion-dollar food chains are facing troubles thereby addressing the matter saying that various efforts have been accumulated to improve the struggling reputation of fast food chains such as McDonald’s.

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