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Love May Help Your Baby be Smarter and Neglect May Cause Serious Mental Damage

As Freddie Mercury and David Bowie famously sang, “Why can’t we give love that one more chance?”

The question is becoming of great significance as the number of children being abused and ill-treated by their parents are on the rise. However, neurologists have recently concluded from research that a loving mother and family makes a child’s brain grow bigger and healthier than a child who has been abused and ill-treated, raising calls for the better treatment of children. Neglected, ignored or abused children are more likely to take up drugs, will be less smart and intelligent, unable to empathize with others and develop mild or severe physical ailments and mental disorders.

The brain of a baby grows more positively under nourishing care and love from a mother. The first couple of years are extremely vital for a baby’s brain development as more than 81% of the development of a person’s brain in his or her life will be during those two years, because most of the brain cells are produced during this period. In layman terms, the wiring or foundation of the brain is set up during this phase: as paths which are used often are reinforced with more brain cells from areas which are sparingly used. 

In fact, the development of the human brain starts as early as the third trimester, the brain doubles in size till the birth of the child but only under right conditions. Love and care is something a baby needs to grow at this rate.

The connections of a brain do not keep growing, in fact, the connections which are rarely used are killed off and connections that work towards the same purpose are wired together and are not susceptible to cell death like the rarely used ones. The connections are constantly assembled, disassembled and reassembled: the catch lies in the fact that during disassembly among the cells lost, fewer and fewer grow back as we age. This starts as early as 25 years of age.

During pregnancy and baby years the hormones are set up according to the love, nourishment and care a person receives. These hormones in turn directly affect how our genes are coded. This is important because faulty coding can result in physical ailments and mental disorders. So to summarize, more love means hormones being produced correctly resulting in a lesser chance of genetic coding.

Therefore, loving and caring environments are extremely vital for a child’s growth. Pushing your child through emotions of love, joy, curiosity and care during these formative years will be beneficial to the child’s future.   


Love May Help Your Baby be Smarter and Neglect May Cause Serious Mental Damage Love May Help Your Baby be Smarter and Neglect May Cause Serious Mental Damage Reviewed by Tim on April 01, 2019 Rating: 5

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