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LGBT+ People to be Stoned to Death Under New Sex Law in Brunei

A recent news update notified that Brunei is about to legalize the stoning and whipping of people as a punishment for homosexuality by reforming their penal code. Such a reform is already receiving international condemnation and scorn. Brunei is aiming to align their penal code with the Sharia Law and exhibit brutality towards people who engage in same-sex intercourse and relationships. The nation of Brunei has always been under the limelight for enforcing outrageous and extremist methods to reform human behavior according to the texts of the Sharia Law. This new law is stirring up worldwide debate about whether the officials of the country should go ahead with its application.

This move caught the eyes of several human rights groups, chief among which was Amnesty International, which condemned this action and called it ‘heinous’ and ‘inhumane’. They are of the opinion that homosexuality or same-sex intercourse is not a crime to begin with, and to punish this alleged crime with such inhumane brutality is uncalled for, to say the least. They are also speculative of the fact that the application of this law would hamper Brunei’s international relations and to an extent, its trade and commerce. Amnesty also manages to bring to light the disturbing fact that newer laws would allow amputation as a punishment for robbery or theft which would be applied on children as well.

While a majority of the activists and groups around the world is of the opinion that this particular decision is a big step backward in the social fabric of the world, the new law would also mean bad news for Brunei financially. Such a hateful stance against homosexuality sets most people off thereby discouraging them from choosing that nation as their tourism destination. This hampers one of the biggest earning sectors of the nation. Furthermore, it would drive the talented LGBT+ community out to other nations of the world and add to their economy while Brunei’s economy plummets.

The implementation of the law has been challenged on the basis that since Brunei is a member of the commonwealth, its new law goes against the clauses of equality and non-discrimination of the Commonwealth Charter. Nevertheless, the monarch of Brunei is known for his unreasonableness and boisterousness when it comes to implementing outrageous punishments like imposing a fine or jail sentences for not praying on Fridays and getting pregnant out of wedlock.

It is safe to conclude by saying that while the Sultan of Brunei is vigorously heading towards making the nation follow the Sharia Law whilst disregarding human rights and sense of equality, he is making the rest of the world rethink what kind of human mentality allows man to strive towards instituting a monarchy of his own by condemning his fellow beings to unheard of depths of suffering and pain.

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