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Flat Earthers Plan Luxury Cruise to Antarctica in Search of "Ice Wall" Barrier

Greek philosophers in the 6th century BCE speculated that the Earth was round, and proved it by the 3rd century BCE. Then came Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, and the human tendency to prove other humans wrong fructified in the emergence of the Flat Earth Society. This sect of the human stands at the pinnacle of human ignorance, testament to the fact that de-evolution exists.
Members of the Flat Earth Society, or the ‘Flat Earthers’ as they call themselves, believe that the earth is flat and the whole propaganda about it being a sphere is to mislead the common public, because Governments have nothing better to do than pull a long running prank on their public. What they also believe is that Antarctica is home to a giant wall of ice surrounding the world.
What supports this particular belief is the fact that it’s naturally hard to reach and is also off-limits for many people (for obvious reasons). But they think that the governments are doing all this to hide the ice wall. What they do not realize is that Trump’s border wall may come into existence, but this ice wall never will.
They believe this ice wall is thousands of feet thick and has a height of 164 feet. This is the wall that holds the oceans back from falling into outer space (very convenient). So to prove everyone wrong, they are planning a cruise some time in 2020. It is being organized by the group that hosts the Flat Earth International Conference (you read that right). This conference sees attendees and speakers from all around the globe.
The best nuance comes in the realization that in order to reach Antarctica, they will have to rely on GPS which functions on the principle that the Earth is round and will have to be taken there by a crew that believes it too.
You will find it hard to believe that this isn’t the only effort to find the edge of the Earth. There have been various efforts for crowdfunding independent explorations and even sending private satellites into space to settle the debate. How they plan to launch it with inaccurate mathematics considering the curvature of the earth is anyone’s guess. Hilariously enough, there are talks of a reality TV show which documents their journey to the edge of the planet.
While all this makes for fun reading, it raises a question over the extent of mankind’s ignorance and foolishness. Even when presented with millions of facts, humans are gullible enough to accept the one fact that calls out to them the most. While you ponder over that, let’s hope that their voyage to such a hostile place doesn’t end in any casualties.
Flat Earthers Plan Luxury Cruise to Antarctica in Search of "Ice Wall" Barrier Flat Earthers Plan Luxury Cruise to Antarctica in Search of "Ice Wall" Barrier Reviewed by Tim on April 16, 2019 Rating: 5

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