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Controversial research finds Vegetarians are 'less healthy than meat-eaters'

They don’t drink, they don’t smoke, they don’t eat meat AND they’re more physically active than the people who do eat meat. Despite all this, a study has shown that vegetarians are surprisingly less healthier than your average meat-eater. This survey was conducted by the Medical University of Graz, Austria by comparing the lifestyles & dietary habits of vegetarians and meat-eaters, and it shows that vegetarians are at a higher risk of cancer, development of allergies and even serious mental health issues such as anxiety or depression. Looks like they really did get the short end of the stick.

It is evident from the statistics acquired through the study, that having good habits doesn’t always necessarily indicate a healthy & proper quality of life. For example, vegetarians have found to have less alcohol intake as compared to meat-eaters as well as significantly lower body mass indexes (owing to the low levels of saturated fat & cholesterols) but at the same time they’ve been shown to have below-par quality of mental & physical health. They’re also prone to negligent health practices such as skipping appointments with the doctor for preventive check-ups and vaccinations, leading to higher health risks.

The data gathered by the surveyors can only be interpreted in so many ways; the authors of the study have already had to raise their voices against claims that this study was only a promotion of the meat industry under the guise of healthcare analysis. But these aggressive claims do have a loophole in them; completely shutting off the nutrients that eating meat can provide to your body is bound to have certain adverse effects. Blaming the meat industry to mask the actual health risk that vegetarians are prone to, is just childish, to say the least.

Having conducted such a survey, the University at Austria has informed us of what exactly the quality of life of vegetarians is. But does this actually mean that it's connected to them being vegetarian, or say, is because they are vegetarian? Just from this one study alone, it is too difficult to say. Sure, there might be some correlation but it may also be found to be entirely unrelated; since lifestyle choices are not exactly very heavily influenced by dietary ones. Vegetarians have already faced some form of ridicule or the other, for their peaceful dietary choices. And now, being at risk of contracting dangerous diseases such as cancer or even mental health problems such as depression certainly don’t count as perks of going green, does it? Hopefully, we will be able to arrive at a unified solution to the problem that they now face, as more research is conducted in this area.

Controversial research finds Vegetarians are 'less healthy than meat-eaters' Controversial research finds Vegetarians are 'less healthy than meat-eaters' Reviewed by Tim on April 09, 2019 Rating: 5

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