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Alaskan Man Wakes Up To Find Lynx Family Playing On His Porch

Tim Newton, a citizen of Alaska, woke up on hearing rustling and scrambling noises on his porch on the morning. The first thought that crossed his mind was that of a break-in, but what actually happened was so much better.

A lynx mother and her kittens were playing around on his porch. Newton heard the noise breaking into the back yard and thus put on his robe to assess the ongoings. When he drew back the curtains, he could see a little lynx kitten playing with his siblings. They were close enough to touch.

A little while later, half a dozen kittens came along to join their siblings. Newton has been a self-proclaimed nature lover and thus whipped out his camera just in time to click as many pictures as possible. The Lynx family stayed for 40 minutes, wrestling and romping on the porch. When they were done playing, their mother came to gather them and the cubs were herded back into the forest. And Newton milked this opportunity to the fullest and released the pictures which were by that time totally viral.

Newton told the Dodo, that the time it all happened was around dawn. He heard some noises and was startled to find such a scene. The lynx was running around playfully, pouncing on one another. They were very cute and no amount of photographs could satisfy the beauty of the moment.
Newton was grateful to see such imagery. He was thankful for the opportunity to meet these baby lynx up close.

These animals are not necessarily attention seeking creatures. They are abundant in parts of Alaska with plenty of food for support but are not in the radar. The lynx were documented during 2015 in Alaska, when US Fish and Wildlife Service were collaring wildlife animals in the refuge of national wildlife, Tetlin.

They are typically gathered in areas with abundance in produce which include the snowshoe hare. This is why they are present in greater numbers in Alaska and Canada. Their habitat was mostly cornered in the southern part of Canada and has lowered in numbers because of habitat encroachment and timber harvesting. Presently, these animals are protected under the Endangered Species Act.
Make sure to visit Newton’s webpage to get a stunning view of the landscape and these beautiful animals. This will probably inspire you to take that great Alaskan road trip this season.

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