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A Detroit Church is Paying Homeless People to Clean Up the City

Homelessness of people in the United States of America has been a serious and deplorable issue for a long time. Hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets due to their inability to find or acquire a roof over their head. As a result, the concept of tent cities and homeless camps are slowly gaining recognition and popularity. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be a long term solution as the law enforcement authorities are striking down hard upon those people who are willing to help the homeless and making arrests for feeding homeless people on the streets. 

This complex situation has led to the rise of a lot of debates and discussions regarding such a grave issue. Homelessness isn’t a problem that can be made to disappear overnight. It is a product of a range of root problems like high housing prices, lack of well-paying jobs, soldiers of war returning home with PTSD declared unstable to carry out other jobs and likewise. Some charity groups have also put forth the fact that the criminal justice system should not arrest people for consuming a certain type of plant and furthermore bar them from acquiring jobs anywhere.

This issue was addressed by a charitable organization called ‘A Better Way Detroit’ who have been paying homeless people $10 per hour for cleaning up the city of Detroit. This endeavor is funded by a collection of the donation raised in charity by the church and the surrounding community and this seems to be a very promising way to instill new hope in the heart and mind of the distressed homeless community. 

The main aim of this program is to ensure a procedure through which homeless people could earn some money in exchange for honest work. Furthermore, the money being paid is coming from donations and not out of someone bank balance.

Father Djonovic, who came up with this endeavor, believes that his idea could improve the already plummeted morale of the homeless community and could instill a sense of purpose and enrichment. He travels to nearby localities where he’s certain he would find homeless shelters and ensures that everyone gets the opportunity to earn a little money by cleaning up their city. The plan which started with just the parks has now proliferated to most of the dilapidated neighborhoods. The homeless people involved in this project are more than happy with the idea and they are of the opinion that there is no harm in working towards the betterment of the neighborhood if it meant earning some money and gaining financial power.

Presently, the project is unsustainable fiscally due to the limited source of charities, but Djonovic believes that they will eventually figure out a way to bring in more money in order to keep the procedure going and ensuring that the homeless are empowered.

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