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12 Common Things People Realize When They Quit Drinking Alcohol

 Alcoholism is one of the most curious and mindless behavior that the generation has mindlessly adopted. We know all the side effects of alcoholism: that it is detrimental to personal health and causes a myriad of social problems which include drunk driving and violence. We are also aware of the fact that the police uses this addiction to impose their authority over us and that the industry is extremely lucrative.

Dr. Gabor Mate states alcoholism is a means of covering for emotional pain and mental trauma. Some also argue that it is a mean to give their self up to the inner demons.
When people quit drinking alcohol, there are various things that they experience. A compilation of a number of personal stories are mentioned below.

       The first and foremost difference that one notices is a drastic improvement in the person’s physical health. The changes commonly include improved digestion, less fatigue, clearer skin, greater energy and significant weight loss. They also do not wake up with nausea, headache or mild hangovers.

       The mental health also improves a lot. The improvements generally include improvement in depression, improved memory, increased sense of connection, better concentration, decreased level of stress, decreased anxiety, greater motivation, higher self esteem  and also a better view of the world.

       The sleep routine of the person improves dramatically. It is much easier to fall asleep and the sleep is better than before during the night. The person feels much relaxed on waking up.

       The attitude towards other people also undergoes big changes. The individual is less self absorbed and usually finds it easier to look at things from other’s perspective. They feel a sense of empathy towards others.

       A huge amount of money is also saved if one gives up alcohol, because alcohol is very expensive.

       The people save a lot of time as they have their mornings, evenings and night time back. They often try new activities which they could not do when they were leading an alcoholic lifestyle.

       They realize the fact that alcohol is not necessary to enjoy in social gatherings or parties. Thus a great cultural lie is exposed to them that only alcohol guarantees good time. Many often realize that alcohol actually strains relationships rather than strengthening them.

       They no longer use alcohol as a mask to hide and realise their true potential and true worth. They are forced to accept both the good and the bad aspects of their self. This is impossible with the regular intake of alcohol.

       When leading an alcohol free life, people have fewer regrets. They are more available to experiences from their daily life.

       They realize that alcohol fueled conversations are actually boring and superficial. It is also highly prone to bickering, ill sentiments, fighting and aggressiveness.

       They realize their true friends and how some relationships can be as toxic as alcohol.

       They begin to understand how alcoholism is a huge contribution to environmental disorder.

      Giving up alcohol can provide you with a serious edge in the society where everyone is alcohol driven.


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