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Video of a Man Using a Baby Shark as a Bong Goes Viral

When was the last time you were casually browsing through your social media feed and came across one such odd news that was so revolting it made you pray that it wasn’t true? Recently one such video crawled into the feeds of various people of a man smoking a bong made out of the dead carcass of a baby shark. Obviously, this repulsive video went viral when people started sharing this video and spreading a word of hate and overall bewilderment towards the contents of the video. The video featured a fisherman who had built a makeshift bong with the dead body of a baby shark and was smoking tobacco through it while the popular kids’ song “Baby Shark Do-Do” was playing in the background.

The video quickly hit the spotlight because viewers were shocked at the lack of empathy of the individual towards dead animals and the comments section was flushed with people discouraging such actions and calling the man out for his heinous portrayal of total disconnection from basic human emotions. Such an uproar caused this video to do rounds on various social media platforms and people picked it up and shared it adding their thoughts regarding the video. The video was taken down after the backlash intensified and the owner of the video started receiving hate messages from many anonymous individuals.

The man featured in the video attempted to stand by it by saying that he was completely certain that the baby shark was dead when he made this video. He said that one of his friends fished it out of the water and it spent two days in an icebox. He further said that he made this video in good spirit and he believed that it would be a small piece of entertaining content that people would see, laugh at and move on with their lives. He shows his concern about the “cowards” who made such a fuss about the video that it sent the police knocking on his front door.

A marine biologist and conservationist took the liberty to identify the species of the shark in the video as a young Bull Shark. It is legal for people to capture or kill this species, but the IUCN Red List has listed this species under “Near Threatened”. Various activists and organizations took the opportunity to spread the word about this video before it was taken down from the social media platforms. They wanted people to see the unfeeling nature of the person and shared their thoughts about how this video is a cry for help regarding the fall inhumanity in human beings.

In short, videos such as these may not have been shared with any heinous or grueling intention, but public perception doesn’t always align with individual thoughts and more often than not, this leads to misunderstandings and overall disregard towards the creators and their content. There are hundreds of thousands of people all around the globe going through this problem but it’s not an issue that could be resolved anytime soon.
Video of a Man Using a Baby Shark as a Bong Goes Viral Video of a Man Using a Baby Shark as a Bong Goes Viral Reviewed by Tim on March 27, 2019 Rating: 5

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