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New Research Says Death Metal Inspires Joy, not Violence

It is so often that we come across the notion that the Death Metal genre of music is nothing but a bunch of angry, mentally disturbed individuals converting their emotions into music using violently explicit imagery and concerning lyrics. As a result of this, people who aren’t fans of this kind of music tend to distance themselves from the people who do. Honestly, this kind of a segregation prevalent in the society today is based on misinterpreted ideals. Recent studies have shown that the mentality and temperament of the fans and the creator of a certain type of music doesn’t necessarily correlate to the music they create. The creators and fans of death metal music are in fact eligible to fall under society’s parameters of a ‘normal person’.

Traditionally, the highlights of a generic death metal song would be it’s growling vocals, shredding riffs, fast paced tempo and gruelling lyrics that the listeners would associate with hatred or anger. To top that off, the bands would also accompany these songs with an incredibly graphic album cover. Take for example the band Cannibal Corpse. They are widely known for their unadulterated and intensely gruesome lyrics, shocking song titles and macabre album art, which would often portray a primordial hellscape full of damned souls destined to spend an eternity in pain and suffering, sodomy and other types of physical pain. Such portrayal tends to throw people off and leads them to believe that Death Metal pushes young and malleable minds towards satanism and devil worshipping and ruins their character and personality.

In a bid to prove this notion wrong, the Macquarie University held an experiment with a group of people consisting of fans and non-fans of this genre. They were made to listen to two songs, one of which was soft and soothing and the other completely the opposite. While the songs played, they were also exposed to two photographs. One eye saw a peaceful photograph while the other saw a gruesome and violent one. Termed as Binocular Rivalry, this principle stated that when exposed to two photographs evoking different emotions at the same time, the mind will always focus on the one showing violence because it perceives it as a potential threat. It was calculated that fans of the death metal genre showed the same amount of repulsiveness towards violence and hateful photos as any normal person. This goes to prove that a certain type of music doesn’t erode human emotions and the ability to empathize.

In conclusion then, it is safe to say that a certain genre of music cannot and does not influence the listeners so much that they abandon their basic human emotions and personality and align it according to the song they’re listening to. Music has always been in our lives to help us enjoy and appreciate various things in life. Death Metal for one is largely considered to be an acquired taste – different people react to it in different ways. This should not mean that the people who enjoy this music should be ostracized from the society.

New Research Says Death Metal Inspires Joy, not Violence New Research Says Death Metal Inspires Joy, not Violence Reviewed by Tim on March 30, 2019 Rating: 5

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