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Man Spikes Co-Workers' With LSD To 'Remove Negative Energy' From Workplace

For people working in an office, it is very difficult to deal with the negativity. It feels like we are trapped in with very annoying Co-workers or managers who do not let us work peacefully. The negativity can prove to be claustrophobic in the office.

Some people may go mad and destroy the office equipment to cope with the proceedings while others may find peace by binge-watching a light-hearted series like ‘The Office’ and ‘FRIENDS ’. Another group of people who are extrovert by nature may organize office parties for distributing sweets to pacify the situation.

However, a teenager working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Arnold, Missouri had a completely different idea to get back at the annoying employees. The 19-year old male employee sneaked a fairly big amount of LSD to acknowledge their “negative behavior “according to his statement to the police. The police were informed after two employees suddenly started shaking and feeling dizzy due to unknown reasons.

The manager who was 27 years old, felt something fishy about the 19-year old employee since the morning. He felt that the boy was “acting weird” and had been “messing with” several water jugs with a dropper in his hand. She also saw him manhandling the employees’ bottles who suffered the consequences.

The boy’s co-workers, aged 24 and 23, were first taken to urgent care and soon after, transferred to a local hospital.

The boy admitted to the heinous crime after the police questioned him. He admitted to adding acid to the water bottles and also dosing an employee’s coffee with LSD.  He thought that the employees were very uptight and they ought to have better energy while working.

According to Woodridge, an Arnold police officer, the field tear of the water jug which was allegedly dosed by the teenager did not yield conclusive results. However, the sheriff department of Jefferson County exclaimed that the employee’s symptoms were indeed reactions to LSD. The symptoms experienced by the employees were temperature, increased heart rate and higher levels of blood pressure.

 The symptoms also include tremors or shakes which were also experienced by the workers.
Lysergic acid diethylamide is described as one of the most dangerous and powerful moods enhancing chemicals. It is basically a hallucinogen. The hallucinogen in heavy doses could cause a distorted sense of awareness, euphoria or elevated mood and hallucinations that result in higher serotonin levels in the brain. However, it is also widely used and researched as a potential treatment for a wide range of disorders and depression.

The young 19-year old employee has been under arrest ever since but has not been charged yet. According to a news portal, he could be accused of second-degree assault. The charges could also include the possession of a controlled substance, the LSD.

Some people reacted positively to the outcome of the experiment with the dosing of LSD. Most people have, however, condemned the act because it was done involuntarily and without any consent. It has been referred to as being “slipped a mickey” while on the clock.
Man Spikes Co-Workers' With LSD To 'Remove Negative Energy' From Workplace Man Spikes Co-Workers' With LSD To 'Remove Negative Energy' From Workplace Reviewed by Tim on March 27, 2019 Rating: 5

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