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Man Arrested after trying to ‘barbecue all the child molesters’

Jorge Porto-Sierra, a man living in Florida, who planned to barbecue all the child molesters and kill them, is serving his sentence now.

The police reports state that the 50-year old man named Porto Sierra tried to kill sex offenders and burn them alive at the Friendly Village Motel and Inn situated in Kissimmee, in Florida. A county detective of Osceola told the newspaper that the man admitted he was guilty and claimed that it was his plan to murder the sex offenders. Hence, he was charged with four counts for attempting murder.

According to the reports submitted by the police, a man was standing just outside his room when suddenly; Sierra came out of his car and started yelling at the person. The individual was terrified due to the behavior and hence, ran back to his room. This prompted Porto to break one of the Inn’s windows and pour gasoline inside. 

The reports also stated that the agitated Porto-Sierra yelled “I’m coming in. You are going to die, child molester!”. The person along with his roommate somehow managed to escape through the back window of the room with some minor injuries.

In addition to this incident, Porto-Sierra also allegedly attacked two other persons, inside a car parked in the parking lot of the hotel. He started first by putting gasoline in the car through an open window. The driver tried to run from the situation to save himself. This enraged him even more; he got in his cat, a black Ford Focus and started to thrust the car.

The police deputies then arrived in the location where the entire ruckus was taking place. They said that Porto-Sierra admitted to his crime and surrendered without wasting any time. Porto-Sierra confessed everything he did and told the authorities why he took such a drastic step. He said that they raped innocent kids and hence, deserved to die. They were all child molesters who lived there according to him and hence deserved to die for their heinous crime.

Whatever he said was the absolute truth. The County of Osceola was famous, or rather infamous, for being a haven for sex offenders. This is confirmed that it is not only restricted to playgrounds, churches, and schools. There has been a long history of sex offenders being registered and living peacefully at the Friendly Village Motel and Inn.
The news reporters have confirmed that two of the four people attacked were sex offenders who were convicted. However, there are reports that the other two could also be a part of the group.

When the police inquired, “Why did his plan fail or why it was not successfully implemented? “, he replied by saying, “The plan would have worked and he could have gotten rid of the sex offenders but the police was there too soon. “
Porto-Sierra is currently in custody at the County jail of Osceola without any bond. Many have argued that what he did was correct but some agree that he should not decide legal matters by himself.

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