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Humane Society of Tampa Bay is looking for Dog-snuggling volunteers

A dog lover would definitely jump at this unique job opportunity that the Humane Society of Tampa Bay has to offer. A job that involves snuggling a pet. The pets that need a cuddle are those that have gone through surgery. The dogs that have either been neutered or spayed are probably suffering from post-surgery trauma.
The main job of a volunteer is to provide animal comfort because cuddling with a human makes them feel much better. During the summer months the Humane Society has plenty of volunteers in the form of students who are on their summer break, but during the winter and spring, these numbers plummet. Students are busy with academics during this time of the year and that’s when the shelter runs short of volunteers and hopes for people to walk in to assist them.
Jeff Honig, the retired Hillsborough Country deputy is an expert at snuggling with the dogs and providing them comfort when they come out of surgery. He volunteers for ten hours a week at the shelter and says that it is an extremely rewarding experience for the animals and him.
He says “It’s very soothing for me, it’s very soothing for them.”
Jeff not only provides a comforting cuddle to the dogs but he also helps out with other jobs at the shelter like cleaning and assisting the veterinarians. Honig has a number of cats at home but since he travels a lot he doesn’t have a dog at home. Snuggling dogs at the shelter is his ‘dog fix,’ as he calls it.
Liz McCoy of the Humane Society says that the number of volunteers is not steady as it changes with the time of year. When the numbers of volunteers are down, the society looks forward to people coming in to spare whatever time that they can. The animals and people managing the place are happy when they have enough volunteers to cuddle with them.
McCoy becomes emotional when she says “Nothing happy brings animals through our doors. So when volunteers come in to make things better, it’s just a moving thing to be a part of.”

So if you are someone who lives in the area and has time on your hands for that dream job of cuddling a dog for a great part of your day, then check out the Humane Society’s website for more details about the job. 
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