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Giraffes On The Verge of 'Silent Extinction' Due To American Trophy Hunters

There is a huge drop in the population of giraffes in the region of sub-Sahara in Africa. It has been noticed that there is a 40% drop in the population of the giraffe in the last 30 years. The main reason behind this is the hunting of giraffes by tourists from America as a result of trophy hunting.

The number of the world’s tallest animals’ population has reduced to 97,500. This is the reason that the officials are requesting the government of the United States to declare the animals endangered so that the conservationists can protect them from silent extinction.

In the past decade, the Americans have been said to import around 21,405 bone carvings of the giraffes, 3774 miscellaneous hunting trophies and around 3,008 skin pieces of giraffes. The souvenir that has been collected in the United States would equal to the lives of around 3,700 giraffes.

Apart from the fact that giraffes are used for hunting as a purpose of recreation, giraffes also lose their lives due to poaching, changes in the habitat and moreover due to collision with cars or the lines that supply power.

The classification of these species as endangered would ensure that the Americans would not be able to hunt giraffes for their purpose of recreation. All hunters convicted of the crime are known to be Americans. Classification of giraffes as endangered would mean that anyone who hopes to show off their poached giraffe statuettes after hunting these innocent animals would be convicted of the crime.
In recent years, the decline in the number of giraffes has been overshadowed by the increased amount of poaching of elephants, rhinos as well as gorillas.

Since the focus of the environmental groups was mainly on that cause, it seems like that the threat faced by giraffes has gone under the radar. But now the conservationists are shocked to realize that the number of giraffes present in the plains of Africa is less than the number of elephants present. This has made the conservationists realize what they had been missing and are now hoping to get back on track.

According to what Jeff Flocken, regional director of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, of North America has quoted The Guardian by saying that when he was doing research in Kenya about the giraffe, the abundance of the giraffes was quite high and it was never questioned.  This drop in the numbers of giraffes has been observed only recently and it came as a shock to the conservationists. This animal is considered as one of the most iconic animals and now proper measures are being taken in order to protect them.

The focus has now been shifted to protect the long necked animals that are very grateful. The process has been fast tracked using social media where people post pictures of convicted poachers who sell giraffe skin and statuettes. This way, people can steer clear of such felons and also contribute towards the conservation of these endangered animals.
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