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Elon Musk Plans To Give The Entire Planet Free Wi-Fi Access

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is no stranger to innovation but has often courted controversies with his lofty plans. SpaceX’s plans to take humans to Mars has been met with a lot of cynicism but Musk maintains his stand that it will be a reality soon. His new quest to digitally connect every corner of the world via Satellite Wi-Fi has also been received with a lot of skepticism. In a bid to make this a possibility he plans to send quite a number of high-grade satellites into space - and we’re not talking about a few 100 satellites, but 4425 satellites, to be more precise.
Predictably, this project is going to cost the company a tidy sum of $10 billion.
Musk plans to send all these satellites up at the same time to be able to provide high-speed internet to all corners of the globe. This plan of his has also been severely criticized as critics feel that connectivity will be largely dependent on weather conditions. Added to this, the environmental impact of sending so many satellites into space can be quite unprecedented.

NASA estimates that there are 2,600 defunct satellites that are already orbiting space at the moment and critics fear the possibility of crashes as a large number of satellites launched in space at one given time can make the area crowded.
The US Federal Communications Commission has given his company SpaceX permission to set up this space internet but numerous ISPs are against the project which they feel will adversely affect their customers. An attempt by Facebook to do something similar failed due to an explosion in the SpaceX launcher.
In 2015, SpaceX began to develop Starlink at its office in Redmond. People believe that this is the company’s inside name for the ambitious satellite project. Last February the company launched two prototype satellites to examine the feasibility of the technology required for the project to actually become a reality. Musk himself confirmed that the tests were going well but also said that the satellite design will need to undergo a few changes before they can start manufacturing the thousands of objects that would be required.

From the way things have been progressing at SpaceX, it doesn’t seem like the Satellite Wi-Fi is going to become a reality in the next two or three years at least. The world will have to wait a while to experience the high-speed connectivity he plans to deliver! 
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  1. Never happen. Too many people make money off the distribution of it.