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Couple Who Served In WWII Together, Married For Seven Decades, Pass Away On Same Day

Marriages these days are falling apart like never before and a long steady relationship is becoming more of a rarity with the number of breakups that keep happening. Everyone is a sucker for a good love story and relationships that have withstood the test of time are truly inspiring and enduring. A case in point being the over seven-decade love story of Preble Staver and Isabell Whitney of the United States.

Both born on different dates in October of 1921, the two of them met on a blind date while they were studying in Philadelphia. Cupid struck and the two of them knew that they were destined to spend the rest of their lives together. However, they only got married on February 15, 1946, after the two of them had served in the Second World War. Preble joined as a Marine while Isabell became a Navy nurse in Maryland.

Preble received a Bronze Star for his efforts in the war. He later worked as a lobbyist and banker. Preble’s job took them to different places in the country, but although they did not have a steady place to stay, they made sure that their lives would be filled with love and joy as they coped with whatever life brought their way.

Their daughter Laurie Staver Clinton, 63, describes her father as being “a tall outgoing man with a strong larger than life personality” and her mother Isabelle as “someone who taught her to be a kind person, how to be a compassionate person.”

The couple had four other children, but in 1975 they lost their son Peter during a high school football game. His death brought about a perceptible change in Preble who became “softer,” according to Laurie’s memory of that time. She also says it brought her parents closer to each other.

“Something like that can either tear a couple apart, but they made a pact to get through it together. They really were each other’s support team.”

That wasn’t the only challenge that they faced together. There were many more moments that could have put a strain on the marriage but the couple stuck it out. Life, however, dealt Preble another cruel blow when Isabelle began to show signs of dementia in 2013.

The couple moved to a long-term care facility in Norfolk, Virginia where her deteriorating condition forced them to sleep in separate rooms. Preble could only watch helplessly as his beloved sank further into this state of obliviousness. But through these tough times too, the love they had for each other remained intact.

Laurie says, “When I would reunite them, they always, the first thing they’d do was put their hands out and hold each other’s hand and tell each other they loved each other.”

Before his 96th birthday Preble expressed his desire to spend some alone time with his wife by having a nap with her. The staff of the facility obliged and the two of them were allowed a three-hour nap together. Several days later, on October 25, 2017, Isabelle passed away with her husband beside her to bid her farewell.  14 hours later, Preble joined her on the other side.

The couple had spent 71 years together, inspiring people with their love.

Licensed Professional Counselor Andrea Mathews says that love is not the only criteria for a relationship to survive the roller coaster that marriage can sometimes be.

“Being in love does not guarantee that a relationship will work. Relationships require also compatibility and relationship skills on the part of both parties.” She states.

Meredith Hansen a clinical psychologist agrees. “Knowing what you both want out of life, and working together to make those dreams a reality will strengthen the bond in your marriage.”

That’s probably what Preble and Isabelle Staver did to make their marriage last over seven decades!
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