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Brazilian Artist Creates Beds For Animals From Old Tires

How many times have we given a cursory glance to a tyre on the street or those that are piled up in a scrapyard or outside a transportation company without thinking about how it can be used? We’ve probably thought about the amount of material that is lying wasted, but apart from rolling a tyre with a stick to play with, we’ve probably never thought about any real use for the old tyre.

Not many of us can come up with ingenious ideas for recycling and reusing waste material, but there are those that have made it their life’s mission to clean up the environment by turning waste into something good. Amarildo Silva, an artist from Brazil is one of those people who has come up with a great solution for used tyres.
Always on the lookout for a means of turning waste on the streets into something profitable, he hit upon the idea of converting used tyres into beds for animals, two years ago. He often saw stray animals using the old tyres on the streets for shelter, and that’s when the idea hit him.

Since he cannot afford a huge space of his own at the moment, Amarildo works in his backyard and has designated one of his rooms as a storage space for old tyres. The tyres are washed, cut and then painted with special designs by Amarildo who fits them out with cushioning and later sells them. He not only uses the tyres for designing animal beds but also makes planters out of them to set up indoors or in the garden.
Although Amarildo makes money out of his project, he believes he’s doing something positive about reducing the litter around the place. Tyres are not hazardous but they can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and if not recycled properly can become a fire hazard.

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