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Alcohol that doesn't cause you hangovers will be available within 5 years

According to researchers, alcohol that does not induce hangover may be available for purchase within five years.

Professor David Nutt along with his partner David Orren created Alcarelle or synthetic alcohol and believes that it will change the consumption of alcohol. Nutt was able to create the replacement of the alcohol molecule and named it ‘alcosynth’. 

He discovered this molecule after he lost his job of the government’s chief drug adviser after he claimed that LSD and ecstasy were less dangerous than alcohol.

After discovering an antidote to alcohol in the year of 1983, when Nutt was still pursuing his Ph.D., he first came up with the idea of synthetic alcohol. According to what Nutt told The Guardian, he was studying the effects caused by alcohol on the GABA system.

 The GABA receptors are a class of receptors that respond to gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA which are neurotransmitters. It is the chief inhibitory compound in the central nervous system of a mature vertebrate. Nutt decided to continue his study on the GABA receptors and how these receptors react under the influence of alcohol even after realizing that this antidote, that he was about to discover, was very dangerous.

Nutt claims that with the help of alcosynth, it can be successful in identifying the GABA receptors that induce the tipsiness in the system of the body while it would avoid the receptors that result in the side effects that are adverse, for example, headaches.

Nutt even claimed that he knows what kind of receptors such as glutamate, GABA or the other ones like dopamine or serotonin meditates and where in the brain alcohol has a good effect and where it has bad effects. He even said that he knew that the effects of alcohol are complicated, but he also knew which parts to target inside the brain.

The synthetic alcohol will also allow you to choose whether you want to feel the effects of the drink that you had while having lunch with colleagues or you want to feel the effects of a party drink. The best thing is that you won’t be able to get drunk by excess consumption.

Currently, Alcarelle has been tried by Nutt and other researchers of the lab and it has still not undergone the safety testing.

According to Nutt, the regulation of this ingredient would require the ingredient to show it does not have the bad effects like alcohol or it does not produce toxicity like alcohol.

As for acquiring a place in the industry of alcohol, Jonny Forsyth, an analyst in global drinks quoted the Guardian saying that Alcarelle will have no place in the market if the ingredient is regulated. This is because of the fact the industry is already investing in alternatives to alcohol.

He also quoted that if the ingredient has the science aspect right and it is easy to mask the taste, then it has got a great chance in the market and might even thrive with proper promotion.

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