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Research Says Being single will kill you faster than obesity

Very often we come across a story in the news about the corpse of a person being discovered days after they had passed on from this life. Since the person lived alone and had very little contact with anyone outside, no one knew. These are not isolated stories but ones that we regularly read about or hear of. Although the population of the world is exploding, there are so many out there who are recluses; islands in this vast sea of people.
The recent study on loneliness conducted by researchers in the U.S comes as no surprise. Experts involved in the study came to the conclusion that people who were lonely had a higher risk of dying than those that were obese. Given the high risk of an early death for single, lonely people – a 50 percent increased risk compared to a 30 percent risk for obesity, experts warn that loneliness should be marked as a public health risk.
Professor of Psychology at Brigham University, Dr. Julianne Holt-Lunstad, stresses that human connections are essential for everyone.
Being connected to others socially is widely considered a fundamental human need, crucial to both well-being and survival.” Says Dr. Holt-Lunstad, the lead author of this study.
People who are lonely have a tendency to suffer worse symptoms when they are unwell as compared to others. Their physical and mental conditions are also quite low.
Loneliness is not restricted to just one part of the world. Britain was found to be the country with the highest number of lonely people, giving it the tag of being the loneliest country in Europe. A survey conducted by Granset, the social networking site for people over 50, discovered that more than half of the older people in the UK suffer from loneliness. 70 percent of these people also admitted that their family and friends would be quite taken aback if they spoke about being lonely. This problem has been taken quite seriously in the U.K. with a Campaign to End Loneliness being established.
Experts in Canada too expressed fear that Canada could also catch this epidemic of loneliness very soon because a majority of Canadians now choose to live alone.
Holt-Lunstad’s opinion about loneliness is acknowledged by other experts too. Data that was analyzed from Harvard Aging Brain Study on about 80 adults with no mental problems, links Alzheimer’s disease to loneliness. 
This study which was conducted by Dr. Nancy J. Donovan, on elderly people showed that depression could lead to dementia as it did affect the mind and was a risk for cognitive failure.
Dr. Dhruv Khullar from Weill Cornell Medicine, states that people who are social recluses suffer from various conditions like insomnia, abnormal immune response, and mental deterioration. Those who were in a relationship had a lower chance of facing these problems.
The research which has highlighted the risks of loneliness should make us more aware of people around us and should also make us more alert to the risks involved in trying to stay aloof from others.

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