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Camel Bites Off Owner’s Head After Being Tied Up In Heat All Day

Animals are known to be extremely sensitive to how they are treated. Treat an animal well and you'll probably have a friend for life, but if you disrespect an animal, it's quite certain that the animal will get back at you at some point.
Animals that are kept as pets become very attached to their owners if they are treated well, and show their affection in no uncertain terms. Elephants become attached to their mahouts and camels too get attached to their handlers.
There have been stories of a tame elephant suddenly going on a rampage when someone who teased it in the past is spotted, or a docile animal becoming aggressive all of a sudden when it senses someone who detests animals but very rarely does we read about camels going wild. Camels don't usually attack humans but if they do, you can be sure that the result will be quite fatal, just like a man in India found out in 2016.
Ujaram, the owner of the camel seemed to have forgotten that he had tied the animal outside in the heat while he was busy entertaining guests at home. What was even worse was the fact that the animal’s legs were tied, leaving it with no choice but to remain in one position all day. The camel may have earned the sobriquet of being the ‘ship of the desert’ but no animal wants to be tied in the scorching sun all day, especially in the state of Rajasthan.
Later in the evening, Ujaram realized that he had left the animal outside with its legs tied and went out to untie it. The agitated animal immediately pounced on its owner when he went to untie it, and in the process, severing the man's head.
According to an eye witness, Thakara Ram, the animal lifted the man by the neck and then threw him onto the ground and proceeded to chew the neck till it severed the head. Bystanders and villagers tried to control the animal but to no avail. It took them almost six hours to bring the animal under control.

Camel Bites Off Owner’s Head After Being Tied Up In Heat All Day Camel Bites Off Owner’s Head After Being Tied Up In Heat All Day Reviewed by Tim on February 15, 2019 Rating: 5

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