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Scientists Get the Green Light to Resurrect the Dead With Stem Cells

For years now, scientists have been trying to play God with the creation of genetically engineered species in the laboratory. They have mixed the genes of one animal with another, cloned an animal, tried to create new organs, and now the latest is that they hope to be able to bring brain dead patients back to life.
A biotech company in the United States, Bioquark, has been given the green signal to conduct research on 20 brain dead patients. These clinically dead patients will be injected with stem cells into their spinal cords. Besides this, they will receive laser therapy to the brain, electrical nerve stimulation and injection with a blend of protein. The aim of this research is to create neurons and try to get them to connect to each other so that the brain begins to function again.
Ira Pastor, CEO of Bioquark says, “It’s our contention that there’s no single magic bullet for this, so to start with a single magic bullet makes no sense.”
This is relatively new territory for scientists but the scant literature available on the subject indicates that chances of the experiment being successful are quite low.
Pediatric surgeon, Dr. Charles Cox, who has some expertise on stem cell research at the University of Texas Health Science Center, said, “it’s not the absolute craziest thing I’ve ever heard, but I think the probability of that working is next to zero.”
The trial did try to kick off in Rudrapur, India in 2016 but was shut down a few months later as it had not received any clearance from India's Drug Controller General. The company is now in the final stages of zeroing in on a new place for their trials.
Once the location is finalized and necessary permissions are in place, the next step will be in enrolling the 20 patients required for the study. These patients will undergo three main procedures. In the first step, stem cells that have been secluded from the patient's blood or fat will be injected into the brain. The next step will be to inject the protein-laden concoction into the spinal cord to aid in the growth of neurons. After the injection, the next 15 days will involve treatment of laser therapy and nerve stimulation in the hope of the neurons forming connections. Patients will be closely monitored and observed to see if there is any change in their condition; an indication of the success of the treatment.
Although the company has been given the go-ahead to carry out the research, there are several questions that remain unanswered. What happens if the person does come back to life? Will they be able to carry out all the functions they used to? Who will sign the consent papers if they are already dead?
Dr. Ariane Lewis a neurologist and bioethicist Arthur Caplan wrote that this research gave families false hope as it has no real scientific foundation. Another criticism of the research is that the company hasn't carried out full testing of this treatment even on animals to fully understand the outcome of their research.
Dr. Charles Cox feels that the trials will not succeed as the chances of neurons surviving are very low since there is little or no blood flow to the brain of brain-dead people.

Pastor however, still firmly believes that the protocol will work but Dr. Cox says that if it does, it will probably be declared a ‘miracle’ by the church.
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