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Science Shows Having A Sister Makes You A Better Person

Sibling rivalry has always been a topic of many debates. People who have siblings are quite aware of the fun and the squabbles between siblings that are a big part of their growing years. Child experts have often spoken about how important it is to have more than one child as the bond created between siblings is quite unprecedented. Today research shows that an older or younger sister can be a very positive influence on the overall mental health of their brother or sister.
These results which first appeared in The Journal of Family Psychology in 2010 were deduced from a study that was carried out on 400 families who had multiple siblings. It showed that a sister in the family had a good impact on the mental well-being of her siblings.
The siblings were better at communicating and empathizing with others and helped resolve conflicts. Professor Laura Padilla Walker says that despite all the rivalry and the fights that the siblings had if there was genuine affection among them, the positive would triumph.
It is no secret that siblings are often at constant loggerheads with one another but when they fight, they often learn how to control and regulate their emotions. The ability to be able to rein in your emotions is a great skill to have in the future. It is also an undisputed fact that a sibling in the family makes life less lonely. Another established fact is that girls tend to be more communicative than boys so if you have a sister in the family, dealing with life’s problems becomes easier. Brothers also tend to develop a better rapport with women in general and can communicate with them easily.

Some other reasons why a sister is good for you.
She will boost your mental health
Research says that having a sister will go a long way in boosting your mental health. Sisters have been known to protect their siblings from being overcome by negative feelings of loneliness, guilt and self-consciousness. The research that was carried out by Brigham Young University showed that having a sister had a lot of benefits.
Will teach you compassion
The same study also showed that sisters tended to make you kinder and compassionate towards others. Sibling rivalry promoted better emotional intelligence as siblings learned to regulate and rein in in their emotions.
You’ll become a better communicator
Sisters can also teach one a lot about resolving conflict and developing a more empathetic outlook towards others. When you interact with your older sister you learn to handle difficult situations and handle tough arguments. On the other hand, a younger sibling in need of guidance will help you develop empathy. Brothers also learn to be more in tune to women and helps them become better communicators.
Become more independent and balanced
The healthy competition between siblings, especially those with sisters, helped siblings achieve a higher level of independence. This study which was conducted by British psychologists in 2009 revealed that sisters not only promoted independence but also made their siblings more determined. The same study also revealed that sisters helped their siblings find a balance in life which in turn nurtured inner peace.
When going through these results, a question which would naturally come to the mind is why do sisters have such a positive influence and not brothers? The answer is simple. Since women are better communicators, the communication channels they open up gives siblings a chance to be more expressive which is a good healthy sign.

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