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People Who Point Out Grammar Mistakes Are JERKS, Science Says

Are you a Grammar Junkie – one that constantly points out the grammar mistakes of others? If you pride yourself on your excellent grammar skills and grit your teeth in annoyance every time someone makes a blunder, don’t pat yourself on the back so quickly. Science has bad news for you. People who are constantly pointing out the grammatical mistakes of others were found to be jerks.
According to research done at the University of Michigan, on 83 participants, it was noticed that those who pointed out mistakes and were generally annoyed by them displayed negative personality traits. Those that were extroverts tended to overlook the mistakes, but the introverts obsessed over the mistakes to the point of judging the person who had made them.
One of the main tasks of the study was for participants to read and comment on email responses to an advertisement for a roommate. The emails were deliberately altered to include numerous typos and subtle grammatical errors. Participants were then asked to share their responses to these mistakes if they had noticed them.

The results from the research were quite interesting. Researchers noticed that there was a strong connection between sensitivity to errors and agreeability. What this means is that the participants who were easily disturbed by the mistakes in the emails did not have very agreeable personalities. On the other hand, participants with more agreeable personalities tended to turn a blind eye to the typos and mistakes.
When described in scientific terms, agreeability encompasses a much larger pool of personality types. People who are agreeable are said to also be generous, sympathetic, cooperative and trusting. Whereas those that were described as disagreeable were cold and aggressive.
Agreeability is part of the Big Five Personality Index (BFI), a set of measurements used in psychology to identify various personality types. Participants that showed more agreeability when tested on the BFI were more positive in their rating of the paragraphs of the emails than those that were less agreeable.
Professor of Psychology and Linguistics, Julie Boland, the main author of the research revealed that their experiments aimed to understand the judgments that listeners or readers have on writers. The study also aimed to examine if a reader’s personality had any bearing on how they interpreted a text.
What has also observed from the study was that the participants who were annoyed by the errors in the emails tended to be judgmental about the writer of the emails too. 

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