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If Your Ex Wants To Stay Friends With You, They’re Probably A Psychopath, Science Says

Many times during a break up the partner who initiates the end of the relationship often ends it by saying ‘we can still be friends.’ A phrase that has been used so many times it tends to lose its real meaning. Breaking up is never easy and when a partner uses this line to end it, the probable reason is that they’re trying to make it easier on the other. Trying to lessen the blow, so to speak.
One may have wondered as to how partners who have broken up and moved on still want to be friends. Psychologists too have pondered on this need to remain friends and have come up with some pretty astonishing results. Research that was carried out revealed that a partner who would still like to stay friends with their ex did not have positive personality traits but were either narcissistic or psychopathic.
The reason for this conclusion was that these people did not really care about their ex but still needed to be able to control and manipulate them. That’s the reason why they still hoped to stay close even after the relationship had ended. By still being in touch with the intimate details of your life they could use it to wield their control over you.
Everyone is quite aware that a narcissist is a sore loser so if a relationship has ended, they cannot let go of it because it will be a reflection on them. When their ex is still a part of their social circle, they will be able to hold onto their social standing.
Another thing narcissists and psychopaths hate is the idea of their ex moving on. If they aren’t able to control your life, it will bother them no end. As such they will go out of their way to be nice so that you stay in touch.
This research offers some interesting insights into human relationships. Being able to maintain a relationship after a fall out is not easy because there may be ulterior motives involved. Once the relationship is over, there is a slim chance of an ex being genuinely concerned about the partner they split from.
However, one cannot use this as a yardstick to judge all exes. There are many genuine people who have probably outgrown one aspect of the relationship but can still be good friends. What one needs to understand is that if a friendship doesn’t feel right or genuine, then your warning bells should go off.

If Your Ex Wants To Stay Friends With You, They’re Probably A Psychopath, Science Says If Your Ex Wants To Stay Friends With You, They’re Probably A Psychopath, Science Says Reviewed by Tyler on January 28, 2019 Rating: 5

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